6 Reasons BYU Should NOT Look East

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6 Reasons BYU Should NOT Look East
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Notre Dame

The Big East is no longer the Big East. Let's face it, when the schools in your league are in Boise, Idaho and San Diego, you are not an "eastern" league. What you are is an also-ran that was run aground by bad management over the last 30 years as people expected those 30 years to be the same as the previous 100 years. It wasn't so. Failure of vision cost the Big East its identity, character and fame. Now it is a collection of wannabes, teams who want to be AQ, but now that there is no AQ status can't even be that. 

You have to wonder if San Diego State and Boise State aren't looking for an out clause in their contracts with the Big East on how it was represented that they would be part of an AQ conference, and now they aren't. I am sure the lawyers are looking at the language of that presentation.

But as for BYU, which is the main target of this article, they should NOT be looking at the little Big East that was, and realize aligning themselves with the little ol' Big East is a has-been league. I think they already do, that is why they turned the Big East down. As for the fans, many still seem to think it is a good idea. I will present to you six good reasons why looking at the Big East is not a good idea for BYU.

The first is Notre Dame.

Notre Dame needs opponents. The Big Ten and Pac-12 are moving closer and closer, and for the same reason Utah may not be playing BYU regularly, Notre Dame is scrambling for a big-name team it can play on a consistent basis.

Well actually several of them as they play five Big Ten and Pac-12 teams this year, and six next year. But wait, yes, there is more. The next two years after that, it plays five teams and then four. But each year, their schedule is getting easier and easier. Each year as they are frozen out of the Big Ten and Pac-12 teams, Notre Dame is playing the likes of UMass, Wake Forest, Pittsburgh, Navy and Syracuse.

Syracuse was a pitiful 5-7 last year having an embarrassing win against the Rhode Island Rams, 21-14, and having an embarrassing loss to USC, 38-17. This is not the kind of team you play to strengthen your schedule or get you to the new four-team playoff scenario for a national championship. In short, Notre Dame needs BYU and can see ahead that the Pac-12 and Big Ten teams will become harder to schedule on a regular basis.

If BYU can become the new Stanford for Notre Dame, that game alone each year will give BYU a bigger payout in TV revenues and exposure than playing for 10 years in the MWC.

Next up, (arrrgghhhh, I hate to say this) Utah.

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