WWE: Why AJ vs. Eve Needs to Happen

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJuly 9, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Let's face it: WWE's Divas Division is in a dreadful state. The recently returned Layla El is Divas Champion—and no one cares. Beth Phoenix, the division's supposed top heel is also greeted with silence and indifference wherever she goes. Former Divas Champion Kelly Kelly has reportedly taken a leave of absence to pursue acting and modeling, with the jury still out on whether she's coming back or not.

Talented Divas like Natalya, Kaitlyn and Tamina are not used to anything close to their potential, often finding themselves stuck on Internet-only shows like NXT and Superstars.

Things have gotten so bad, we've seen a mass exodus of women in recent times, with Gail Kim, Maryse, The Bella Twins and more recently, Maxine all leaving to pursue outside options.

It's not really a shock. Sure, WWE is a steady paycheck, but lack of ability to secure meaningful TV time—coupled with the grueling travel schedule—serve to make the entire WWE gig simply more trouble than it's worth for many of the girls.

However, as dire as things seem now for the women's division, there is some hope for the beleaguered women's roster. As crazy as it sounds, all it would really take is one great feud to turn things around.

Hey, we've seen it before: In the early '00s, the long-running and highly entertaining grudge feud between Trish Stratus and Lita managed to revive women's wrestling in the company.

Prior to those two joining the company in 2000, WWE's Divas Division was a transparent joke. Filled with lame matches, cringe-worthy angles; the entire thing looked to exist solely to give women like Debra and Sable airtime and allow them to get over as sex symbols.

After Trish and Lita's battles, though, women's wrestling in the company became something worth watching. These women were so talented they made the promotion—as well as the fans—stand up and take notice. The feud also made it easier for respectable wrestlers like Molly Holly, Gail Kim and Victoria to be taken seriously and pushed.

Fast forward to 2012, and it is an AJ vs. Eve battle that can serve to reignite the stagnant division.

Similar to Stratus and Lita, the two have vastly contrasting personalities (AJ is presented as a slightly crazy, romance obsessed girl who wears her heart on her sleeve in juxtaposition to the icy, power-mad Eve). At a time when most of the Divas are interchangeable, these two stand out and are capable of stirring up interest from the fans.

There is also hope that any program between the two could churn out decent matches. Granted, Eve is a lot further along than the inexperienced AJ, but given enough time to develop AJ could surely blossom into a great wrestler.

Interestingly, a program between the two girls was strongly hinted at on last week's Raw, as the pair exchanged harsh words in a short backstage segment.

A returning Eve taunted AJ for her complex and disordered love life, with AJ shooting back some insults of her own, noting that with John Laurinaitis gone, Eve had no power left and was now reduced to trying to be a reality TV star (Eve was off WWE TV for a while to appear on the upcoming NBC reality show Stars and Stripes).

Eve was not pleased with that, obviously, and issues between these two look to be far from over.

To conclude, AJ vs. Eve could truly be the program that turns WWE's Divas Division around. The two women are talented enough—and are over enough with the fans—to make any feud work. Of course, for this to happen, they would need the steady backing of the booking team. And whether any women's program can get this in WWE at present is a huge unanswered question.

But let's hope the company throw their full support between such a program. After all, it's not like the Divas Division has much else going on right now.