NBA Summer League 2012: Which Rookies Will Excel with Their New Teams?

Shawn Brubaker@@63brubakerContributor IIJuly 9, 2012

NEWARK, NJ - JUNE 28:  Bradley Beal (R) of the Florida Gators greets NBA Commissioner David Stern (L) after he was selected number three overall by the Washington Wizards during the first round of the 2012 NBA Draft at Prudential Center on June 28, 2012 in Newark, New Jersey. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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The NBA Draft was so recent that it's hard to believe Summer League games are so close.

Fortunately, they are right around the corner, and with most of the lottery teams involved, fans should get a close look at the latest crop of rookies.

Two rookies in particular should stand out—Bradley Beal and Thomas Robinson.

Beal was selected by the Washington Wizards, a team on the rise who should allow Beal to do what he does best: score from the perimeter.

With John Wall's slashing style, Trevor Ariza's solid defense and the solid interior play of Nene and Emeka Okeafor, the Wizards are a surprisingly solid team on paper.

That means that the Wizards won't be asking too much of their young draft pick, as they already have the pieces to put scoring and defensive pressure on opposing teams.

Beal will be given opportunities to score, however, and he should be able to take full advantage of them. While Beal will have to learn to shoot from the NBA line, he has proven to be a quick study with immense talent, and this should bode well for his development.

Fortunately, Beal will have options, and if his confidence is waning, he will be able to pass off to one of the Wizard's talented scorers.

All in all, Beal offers the Wizards the ability to put offensive pressure on opponents from every side of the court.

Going into last year, the Wizards only got serious production out of John Wall, who was a slasher with minimal shooting touch, and Nick Young, an erratic but occasionally hot shooter.

This year, though, Wall can be a true point guard and pass off to either the paint or the perimeter. Nene offers a good offensive presence inside, while Beal offers one outside.

That should open things up for Wall and the Wizards' offense, and make Beal look very good early.

Robinson is in a bit of a different situation with the Sacramento Kings, but he should still excel early in his career.

Robinson surprisingly fell in the draft, but his misfortune is the Kings' reward.

Unlike the Wizards, the Kings already featured scoring talent from both the perimeter and the paint, in Tyreke Evans and DeMarcus Cousins, respectively.

With talented young point guards like Isiah Thomas and Jimmer Fredette, the Kings have players who can get the ball to their scorers and take a shot when necessary.

The Kings did, however, need a player to pair with Cousins in the front court, and Robinson fit the bill perfectly.

Robinson is an excellent team supporter with defense and rebounding, but he is also an excellent interior scorer as well.

Despite his fall, Robinson was the second-best player in the draft, so the Kings were lucky to land him.

They now feature one of the best front courts in the NBA. With teams unable to focus on Robinson thanks to Cousins, Robinson will have space to make some noise during the Summer League.

In fact, expect Robinson to appear on some highlight packages, as his hustle plays will be a surefire hit with Kings fans and NBA fans alike.

All in all, Beal and Robinson should both show that they were worthy of such high selections. Both are in good situations and are excellent players, so both will excel during the Summer League's brief schedule.