Adjustments Tennessee Titans Must Make to Be a Dynamic Offense in 2012

Zach LawContributor IJuly 10, 2012

The Titans have to pick one quarterback and roll with it.
The Titans have to pick one quarterback and roll with it.Grant Halverson/Getty Images

It's already established that the Tennessee Titans have a pass-first offense. For this attack to be more dynamic in 2012, offensive coordinator Chris Palmer needs to figure out how best to use his players. Here's what they need to do to be considered one of the top offenses in the league.


1. Pick a quarterback

This isn't rocket science. For the offense to be its most efficient, one guy needs to be taking most of the practice snaps in training camp. Matt Hasselbeck's still the wily veteran who has too much talent and is taking up too much of the salary cap to sit. Jake Locker's the second-year hotshot who appears to have the tools but lacks the experience.

It's a QB-driven league, and without a clear leader the offense will not reach its potential.


2. Get more with less out of Chris Johnson

If Chris Johnson wants to keep his 2,000-yard pipe dream, that's fine. At this point in his career he should be reaching for loftier goals than statistics. He should be improving his game for the sole purpose of winning a championship.

While there might be a game or two in which CJ gets the 25 touches that was his norm in 2009, it's not the key to victory. Johnson needs to be more efficient in the touches that he gets. If the interior offensive line can't run block any better than last year, the team should minimize the inside running attempts.


3. Figure out Kenny Britt's capabilities early

If Kenny Britt is 100 percent by opening day with no limitations, have him challenge the Patriots' secondary right away.

To understand Britt's capabilities, watch the 2010 Eagles game. Kerry Collins had no feel for the deep ball but it didn't matter. Britt was a beast on the field with seven catches for 225 yards and three touchdowns.

That's the kind of performance the Titans will need to win against the defending AFC champions. If Britt can do everything on the field, it's going to help the rest of the receivers and the run game.


4. Get Kendall Wright some touches

Kendall Wright is the wild card. Rookies are the hardest players to gameplan for because there's there's not much film on them. If the Titans want him to get the ball early, they should try a wide receiver screen if the corner's playing back or try an end-around to take advantage of his speed.

Wright knows the playbook, but getting the ball in his hands early will help with his confidence and make defenses adjust.


5. Jared Cook needs more screen time

Unless the Titans sign a veteran tight end, Jared Cook's going to be on the field in some running situations this year. He's played almost exclusively on passing downs so far in his career.  

With Britt back on the field and with the addition of Wright, there might not be as many targets for Cook as there were late in 2011. He needs to stay focused and stay involved, because concentration and consistency have been issues for Cook.


6. Unveil the five wide

Chris Johnson has been a good receiver out of the backfield, although he's prone to drops. A five-wideout alignment that should strike fear into defenses would feature Britt and Wright lined up wide with Cook, Nate Washington and Taylor Thompson inside. Washington's the forgotten man in the new offense and won't see the best defender. Titan fans want to see what Thompson can do.  

The Tennessee offense is ready to become a top-10 unit in the league. It's only a matter of execution.


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