Why Orlando Magic Will Not Regret Trading Dwight Howard to Brooklyn Nets

Alvaro Alfaro@@alverrroCorrespondent IIJuly 9, 2012

Why Orlando Magic Will Not Regret Trading Dwight Howard to Brooklyn Nets

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    The whole Dwight Howard situation was handled poorly by both the Orlando Magic and D12, but the recent trade rumors could finally be the answer to this ongoing drama. 

    If this trade to the Brooklyn Nets comes to fruition the Magic will not regret moving their All-Star center.

    They will be losing an incredible talent, but in return they will get a decent center in Brook Lopez and a bounty of draft picks.

    While the team has tried its damnedest to trade Howard elsewhere, recent events have made this the best trade option going forward.  

Being Burned Again

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    The rumored trade that would send Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers in return for Andrew Bynum appeared to be the best trade on the table. However, recent reports claim that if traded to Orlando there is no guarantee that Bynum would sign an extension to remain with the Magic.

    According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports,

    Bynum has shown no inclination to agree to an immediate extension if sent to Orlando as part of a Dwight Howard package.

    Bynum is set to be a free agent in the summer of 2013, and if the Magic pull the trigger on this trade they will find themselves in the same situation again. If Bynum walks and signs with another team next summer, then the Magic will have nothing to show for this trade.


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    Restricted free agent Brook Lopez is not the dominant center that Bynum is, but at least he comes with some security.

    According to Chris Brousard and Brian Windhorst  of ESPN,

    The Nets proposed sending a package of Brook Lopez and Humphries, both through sign-and-trade deals.

    The Magic have no interest in acquiring Kris Humphries which is why the Cleveland Cavaliers have become part of this three-way trade. The Cavs will take Humphries off of the Nets' hands leaving Lopez with the Magic.

    In his last full season of play during the 2010-11 season Lopez averaged less than six rebounds per game. This will be a huge step down from Howard's 14.5 rebounds per game, but at this point he is the best center on the market who could help fill Howard's void. 

Future Prospects

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    The proposed Nets trade will also grant the Magic at least three first-round picks, which will put Orlando in place to build through the draft.

    Since the Lakers used up their first-round picks from 2013 and 2015 and second rounders in 2013 and 2014 to trade for Nash, the Nets' offer has become much more appealing to the Magic.

    Ken Berger from CBS Sports stated,

    In the ideal scenario for Orlando, the Magic would get multiple first-round and possibly second-round picks, "perhaps a player or two," a source said, and cap relief from moving the onerous contracts of Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson.

    Besides the head scratching moves to re-sign Jameer Nelson and trade Ryan Anderson, the Magic's new game plan is to acquire young talent and dump old players with bloated contracts. 

Stay Classy Orlando

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    Did everything that D12 accomplished in his eight years in Orlando get thrown out the window because of this past year?

    He absolutely tarnished his reputation, but he was so huge for Orlando since 2004 that it's hard to completely dismiss everything that he has done while donning the pinstripes.

    Frustration from this whole ordeal makes it easy for fans to say, "Don't give him what he wants; trade him to the Bobcats."

    Howard was a three-time Defensive Player of the Year, four-time All-NBA First Team selection and a six-time NBA All-Star during his tenure with the Magic. He helped bring the Magic back from obscurity and brought the team to a Finals appearance in 2009. His exit was selfish and long drawn out, but he was always a warrior for this organization.

    The Magic has always been a classy organization, and many ex-players have expressed their appreciation for the DeVos family as well as the team after they have left. Orlando is much better moving on without this situation going down like the way Cavs owner Dan Gilbert handled LeBron James leaving the Cavaliers.

    In this trade scenario Howard goes to the team he wants to play for; and even though the Magic lose their superstar, at least they can finally move on.