NBA Trade Rumors 2012: Could Kevin Love Be a Laker in 2013?

Nikhil BaradwajSenior Analyst IJuly 9, 2012

Could Bynum and Love team up to form the best frontcourt in the league?
Could Bynum and Love team up to form the best frontcourt in the league?Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

After having a lengthy and honest interview with Yahoo Sports, it is clear that Kevin Love is losing patience in Minnesota management.

Love is the only player on Team USA who has never played in a playoff game. He wants that to change, otherwise the Timberwolves might be forced to trade him.

In the interview, Love specifically says, "If I don’t make the playoffs next year I don’t know what will happen."


I have no sympathy for Love in this case because he did sign a contract extension during the season which will pay him over $60 million over the course of four years. That is, if he picks up his option in the fourth.

I do understand why he is unhappy with Wolves management, considering that this team could have drafted Stephen Curry and DeMarcus Cousins instead of Jonny Flynn and Wesley Johnson in past drafts.

The Wolves should be playoff team by virtue of the number of high draft picks that they have used over the past few years.

Yet, they are on the outside looking in and will struggle to be the No. 8 next season. 

With this in mind, I think that Love might request a trade at the end of his 2012 campaign in the hopes that he can contend year after year.

One of the first teams that comes to my mind as a potential Love landing spot is the Los Angeles Lakers.

It would be too good to be true if the former UCLA forward landed in LA, especially since he would put the Lakers in the running for the best team in the Western Conference.

In this case, the Timberwolves would look to appease their only possible star left, Ricky Rubio. Luckily for the Lakers, they do have an asset in fellow countryman Pau Gasol and could offer him in a package deal in exchange for Love.

Let me make it clear that it definitely would take more than Gasol, and three teams might have to be involved, but the Spanish big man would definitely be a start.

Love would usher in a new era of Laker basketball. For 2013, a core of Nash-Bryant-Love-Bynum would possibly be the best in the league, especially with the Thunder likely having to choose between signing either James Harden or Serge Ibaka. Miami's Dwyane Wade is also getting less effective with each passing season.

In addition, that offseason would see Kobe Bryant's contract coming off the books, and with the Mamba getting up there is age, it's likely he'll sign a significantly smaller deal.

Metta World Peace's contract would also expire, finally giving the Lakers a solid amount of cap room for the first time in over a while.

At the end of the day, the Lakers will always be in contention because they are situated in a big market with a winning tradition, just like my Boston Celtics.

In fact, the Lakers should set their sights on Love if Minnesota does not make the playoffs.

He might blossom into the next great superstar of Los Angeles.