Steven Seagal on UFC 148: Silva Losing Round 1 to Sonnen Was Part of the Plan

Vince Carey@@vcareymmaContributor IJuly 8, 2012

The MMA legend of Steven Seagal continues.

It still seems crazy to most fans that a world-class fighter like Anderson Silva would actually keep Seagal around, but the UFC middleweight champion seems content with having the action movie star take partial credit for all of his victories.

Seagal has made major headlines in the MMA world over the last few years, most notably for saying that he taught both Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida how to use the spectacular front kick to the face that the two Black House teammates used to take out Vitor Belfort and Randy Couture.

Since that time, Seagal has been seen with Silva at nearly every single fight the champion has taken part in, and he is always sure to grab an interview or two before leaving the building after the bout.

Last night after UFC 148, Seagal once again stepped up and offered his thoughts after a Silva fight, and this time he went as far as saying that losing the first round to Chael Sonnen was all a part of “The Spider’s” master plan.

In the video above, Seagal makes it seem that the champion allowed Sonnen to take him down, stating that they knew Sonnen would wear himself down and it would make things easier for Silva in the next round.

Even if this comment came from Silva himself, it would likely be largely debunked by fans, but after hearing all of the ridiculous things Seagal has said over the last few years, this should be taken with a major grain of salt.

So what do we think?

Did Silva actually allow Sonnen to take him down and burn some energy to make it easier on himself later in the fight, or is Seagal just spewing more nonsense?