Nebraska Football Recruiting: The Husker's Pipeline States

Mike WehlingAnalyst IJuly 9, 2012

Nebraska Football Recruiting: The Husker's Pipeline States

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    In honor of the popular NCAA Football games latest edition coming out this Tuesday, July 10th, this article will take a look at one of the popular features of the game.

    I am sure most of you have played the popular sports game NCAA Football.  If you haven't, I will fill you in.  You can be a coach for your favorite University and play the games and recruit the players. 

    One of the ways that you can get players to come to your school is developing pipeline states.  These are states that have several players on your team.  The game has four players as the threshold for what is a pipeline state and what is not.  If a state has four or more players from a certain state, it's considered a pipeline state. 

    What are the states that Nebraska mines the most?

6. Illinois, Florida, and Missouri

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    At No. 6, an equal number of five Huskers a piece come the states of Illinois, Florida, and Missouri.

    Florida has been a state that Nebraska has gone after for a while.  One of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game, Tommie Frazier, came from Florida and led Nebraska to back-to-back national titles.  Nebraska also has a history of playing bowl games in the Sunshine State, playing 20 of their 48 bowl games in Florida.  Some current Huskers from Florida are tackle Tyler Moore, quarterback Brion Carnes, cousin of Frazier, and kicker/punter Mauro Bondi.  Considering the Big Ten's top 3 non BCS bowls are in Florida, the Sunshine state should continue to be a key state for Nebraska.

    Illinois is a new state for the Huskers, but is a state that figures to play a key part for Nebraska in the future.  Illinois is the largest state in the Big Ten and produces Big Ten players. Nebraska will also play at least one game every two years in Illinois by being in the same division as Northwestern.  Four of the current Illinois natives are underclassmen, with two players having not yet reached campus.  The only upperclassman is PJ Mangeri who is the starting long snapper for Nebraska. Current players include safety Corey Cooper (pictured), wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp, and defensive tackle Vincent Valentine.

    Missouri has been another state that Nebraska has gone to for years. Players like Grant Wistrom came from here.  But Nebraska will no longer play Missouri every year because the Tigers are in the SEC and Nebraska in the Big Ten.  But as a border state, Nebraska should still play a factor here.  Current players from Missouri include linebacker Will Compton, defensive tackle Chase Rome, and linebacker Michael Rose.

    Currently Nebraska has no recruits from either of these states.

5. Colorado

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    At No. 5 is the Centennial State of Colorado, and it is only one of two states on this list that borders Nebraska.  The Huskers have longed played in Colorado and have developed connections to the state.  And it helps that Colorado's current teams, Colorado and Colorado St, are in a slump, and Air Force is extremely selective in who they take.  However, with Nebraska in the Big Ten and Colorado in the Pac-12, the Huskers will no longer have an annual game there.

    Six Huskers call Colorado home, and some of the notable players from Colorado include wide receiver Kenny Bell (pictured), and offensive tackles Mike Moudy and Jeremiah Sirles.

    Currently Nebraska has landed no players from Colorado for this recruiting class, but just last year landed one of the top recruits from Colorado in Paul Thurston.

4. California

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    At No. 4 comes California, where seven Huskers are from. California, like Florida, is far away from Nebraska, two time zones away.  However, Nebraska has a history of playing teams from the West Coast.  In fact, every year in which Nebraska has won a national title they played an original PAC-8 team.  They have played the original PAC-8 teams 49 times, and will start a home-and-home series with UCLA starting this year.

    Some of the notable players from California are quarterback Taylor Martinez, wide receiver Quincy Enunwa, and defensive end Cameron Meredith.

    Currently Nebraska has one commit from California, Johnny Stanton.  Stanton is a QB that fits perfectly into the design of Tim Beck's offense and would be a great get for Nebraska.

3. Ohio

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    At No. 3 with eight Huskers comes the Buckeye state of Ohio.  This is a new state for the Huskers, but one were they already have deep connections.  Head Coach Bo Pelini, offensive coordinator Tim Beck, and GA Vince Marrow are all from Ohio.  Ohio produces some of the Big Ten's best players and Nebraska needs to make in roads into the state to succeed.

    Some of the notable players from Ohio are wide receiver Tim Marlowe, fullback Mike Marrow, and center Mark Pelini.

    Nebraska has fully embraced Ohio as a recruiting state as a new Big Ten member.  Only two of the eight are upper classmen, and two are incoming freshmen.  In just this class, Nebraska has landed four recruits from Ohio.  Some of these players include wide receiver Kevin Gladney, linebacker Courtney Love, tight end Greg Hart, and safety Marcus McWilson, with Wilson and Love as two of the top recruits at their respective positions.  Ohio figures to be an important state for the Huskers in the coming years,

2. Texas

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    At the No. 2 spot comes the Lone Star State of Texas with 19 Huskers from the southern state.  Nebraska has a long history of Texas recruiting.  They played in Oklahoma almost every year, and when the Big 12 was formed, the Huskers played in Texas every year. 

    However with the move to the Big Ten, the Huskers lose the annual Texas game, and have no future games scheduled in Texas for years.  There is a chance that Nebraska could lose Texas, but the coaches have spent years building connections with high schools, and there are numerous alumni groups in Texas, such as the North Texas Nebraskans, so hopefully the Huskers will hang on to Texas.

    Some notable players from Texas include, running back Rex Burkhead, wide receiver Jamal Turner, and cornerback Andrew Green.

    Nebraska has landed only one recruit from Texas, but he is a good one. Defensive tackle Christian Lacouture ranks as the 12th best defensive tackle in the country according to  In a Omaha World Herald report, Bo Pelini has also said that he intends to recruit more in Texas, especially in the Dallas Metroplex.

1. Nebraska

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    The No. 1 state in producing Huskers is none other than the Cornhusker state, Nebraska, which 66 Huskers call home.  A large majority of these players are walk-ons that can earn scholarships.  But just because they are walk-ons does not mean they are automatically part of the practice team.  Nebraska has a long history of walk-on linemen being key parts of their football teams.  Just last season, walk-ons Spencer Long and Sueng Hoon Choi started most of the year at the guard position.

    Some notable players from Nebraska include defensive tackle Baker Steinkuhler, offensive linemen Choi and Long, and kicker/punter Brett Maher.

    Nebraska will always continue to produce Huskers.  Most boys grow up wanting to don the Scarlet and Cream.  Nebraska does not always produce top notch players in the eyes of recruiting services, but the Huskers landed one of the top linebackers in the country in Josh Banderas.  While he currently may be the only Nebraskan with a Nebraska offer, many more will walk-on to play for the Huskers.