WWE Money in the Bank 2012: Will Tyson Kidd Finally Get His Big Break?

Dathen BoccabellaAnalyst IIJuly 8, 2012

Image courtesy of WWE.com
Image courtesy of WWE.com

Tyson Kidd is one of the best performers in WWE today.

As the final graduate of the renowned Hart Family Dungeon and a student of the legendary Bret Hart, Kidd possesses excellent technical wrestling abilities.

Although still young at the age of 31, Kidd has refined his skills around the world for over 16 years.

Upon making it to the WWE in 2006, Kidd spent three years in developmental territories before moving up to ECW and eventually to WWE’s main programming as a part of the Hart Dynasty.

Since then, Kidd has become the most underutilized superstar in the WWE, but he’s never been the type to complain.

Kidd is the perfect employee.

In 2012, he has been utilized as a jobber for Brodus Clay, wrestled on WWE’s secondary shows NXT and Superstars and appeared at WrestleMania in the dark match.

Kidd always fully dedicates himself to whatever role he’s assigned, and behind the gimmicks, he appears to genuinely love what he does.

Every time he makes an appearance, Kidd makes an impact.

At No Way Out 2012, Kidd pulled off the spot of the night with a hurricanrana on Primo from the top rope to the outside.

No matter how much Kidd shines as one of WWE’s most entertaining wrestlers, though, he just can’t catch a break.

Kidd’s highest current recognition within the WWE is as a Unified Tag Team Champion with the Hart Dynasty.

As a single’s competitor, Kidd has yet to break out.

Until now.

Over the past few weeks, Kidd has qualified for the World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank Ladder match by defeating Jack Swagger, and he also defeated Tensai in under 30 seconds on RAW this past Monday.

Kidd is not only being utilized on television regularly at the moment, but he's also on a roll.

Will his momentum continue into Money in the Bank?

Following his victory over Tensai, the American-turned-Japanese superstar assaulted Kidd in the locker room.

This may well be the beginning of a feud between Kidd and Tensai that will continue into the ladder match and potentially beyond.

For Kidd, that’s a well-earned step up in the world, but he deserves more.

Although it would be the norm for Kidd to first claim either the Intercontinental or United States titles, this isn’t always the case. Both Sheamus' and Alberto Del Rio’s first titles in the company were major championships.

Last year at Money in the Bank, the world watched in awe as Daniel Bryan claimed the contract for an opportunity at the World Heavyweight title.

If Kidd can climb the ladder and retrieve the briefcase this year, it would be Kidd’s much-deserved big break.

He has been grinding away for many years, and while a lot of the time it might seem like Kidd would be better utilized in TNA, he has stuck with the WWE.

It’s a big step that Kidd has qualified for the ladder match, and regardless of the outcome, he will likely outperform his competitors with at least several memorable spots.

Despite being the most deserving, it’s unlikely that Kidd will claim the Money in the Bank contract.

If he doesn’t, the WWE needs to promptly find another way to give him the prominence he deserves.

The kid’s got talent, and it’s time he was rewarded for everything he’s given the WWE.

Tyson’s time has come.