Chiefs Should Forget the No. 3 Spot in the Draft: Four Reasons to Trade Down

phil henryContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

OK, so after many discussions on who the Chiefs should pick with the third pick in the 2009 NFL draft, I think it would be in the Chiefs' best interest to trade back in the draft to say 7-10 or even further back.

Sound crazy? This will create a lot of fuss with many of us Chiefs fans, but let's just say for this argument it really happens.

Who would the Kansas City Chiefs take? Here is a list of kids who "I feel" may be worth trading back in the first round who still may be available, and still fall under the team needs for 2009.


1) Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas

This kid would be my first option at 6'4", 260 lbs., and very, very strong. He is floating under the radar due to the amount of offensive talent at the top end of the draft; expect him to still be on the board at the 8-11 spot.


2) Jason Smith, OT, Baylor

With three OTs already projected to go within the top 10 in Andre Smith, Michael Oher, and Eugene Monroe, Jason Smith could be a target the Chiefs trade back even further for. Jason Smith at 6'5", 305 lbs. would be my second option to trade back in the draft for. Look for him to still be available at the nine spot.


3) Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC

My third option, who I'm 93.9 percent sure will still be available at the 10 spot, is Rey Maualuga, a 6'2", 260-lb. linebacker sure to give our defense the boost it needs to be a strong D.  


4) Brandon Pettigrew, TE, OSU

The last one I would be OK with trading back in the draft for is this tight end out of Oklahoma State University. This 6'6", 263-lb. TE is built with speed and strength. If Tony Gonzalez is gone, I don't feel too confident in Brad Cottam to be the successor.


I know these names are nowhere near the sexiness of the ones such as Crabtree, Curry, Monroe, or Andre Smith, but that comes with trading back. Also remember, we will be rewarded with future first round picks or extra second round picks if we do trade back. So this to me is a win-win situation.

These would be my top four options in order of most importance that will still be available in the top 10-12 assuming we trade back in the draft.

So with this I ask you, would you rather sit at No. 3 and take the best available player, or would you trade back and focus on serious team needs with extra picks in mind?