UFC 148 Results: Call Me Crazy, but I Still Want to See Silva-Sonnen 3

Nick Caron@@nicholascaronAnalyst IJuly 8, 2012

Hours before the UFC 148 main event between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, I made a prediction that we would be seeing a new UFC middleweight champion.

Within the prediction, I attested that if Chael could control Silva in the same manner that he did in the first fight, his improved jiu-jitsu skills would make it much tougher for the champion to tap him out with an unexpected, desperation submission as he did in the first fight.

After one round, it appeared as if I was right. Sonnen took the fight to the mat early in the first round, and proceeded to ground-and-pound Silva in an almost identical fashion to what he did in August 2010 at UFC 117. 

Then the second round came.

When Chael was unsuccessful in bringing Silva back to the ground, he was forced to stand with the most devastating striker in the history of mixed martial arts. After getting hit a few times, Sonnen threw a wild spinning backfist which Silva sidestepped easily, allowing Sonnen to fall to the mat in the process.

From there, Silva delivered what appeared to be at first glance a flagrantly illegal knee to the challenger's head, but was later revealed to have connected to the upper-chest, making it a completely legal strike. He quickly finished the fight with punches, as a clearly dazed Sonnen could not continue.

In the end, after all the trash-talk, Sonnen fell short of his goal to become the new champion...but he succeeded in proving the point that he is by far the most dangerous challenger that Silva has ever faced in the Octagon.

Silva's dominance against other opponents cannot be understated. Throughout his career in the UFC, he has rarely even lost a round, let alone a fight. 

However, in the two bouts against Sonnen, Silva has now decisively lost a total of five rounds out of the total of seven. Granted, the remaining two rounds were the ones that Silva finished the two fights in, but the point is that Silva has never been pushed in this manner.

Whether you like Chael Sonnen or not, there really is no denying that he is the No. 2 middleweight in the world. While Silva dances around the cage and taunts other opponents, we have not seen him do anything of the sort against Sonnen. 

Why? Respect.

Through all of the outrageous statements, through all of the mean-spirited attacks on Silva's character, Chael Sonnen is one hell of a fighter. Anderson Silva knows it better than anyone.

Given the UFC's history of typically avoiding third fights to series that start 2-0, we will likely never see a third bout between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen...but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't ask for it. 

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