Was Stepahnie McMahon Talking to Edge?

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2009

I know this might sound crazy to some but think about it for a second and hear me out.

Stephanie McMahon was on the phone last week but who was she talking to...

Everyone thinks it could have been Shane, Vince, or Triple H but could it of been the one and only EDGE? HUH?

Think about it what reason did he have to get in and yeah he lost his championship but what was the reason?

Are these the bigger plan's they had for Randy Orton. Who know's more about his mind other than his partner Edge(Rated RKO)?

I mean Edge vs Orton no one would have seen that coming with everyone saying Orton will face Austin, Cena, or Triple H.

 I think this could be a great possiblty on what happened last night.