It Wasn't The Kryptonite That Made Nate Robinson Win, It Was a No-Show Howard

Thomas H.Correspondent IFebruary 16, 2009

On Saturday night the world waited to be amazed by Dwight Howard in the Slam Dunk competition. The current champion was already a star—known for the superman costume the year before—but people were waiting for an even better show. Because thats what the slam dunk competition is, a show.

Yet, Dwight never brought IT. He ended up losing to the more original character in Nate Robinson who wore all green to symbolize kryptonite (Superman's only weakness).

He deserved this slam dunk championship because guess what? Dwight wasn't original, all he did was bring out a bigger hoop (using the same superman costume) and dunked from the free throw line.

The problem with these dunks was that they were too easy for the big man.

People want to see amazing, people want to watch a SHOW. Neither gave a show, but Nate Robinson dunking over Dwight Howard was more of a show than anything Dwight did.

Dwight didn't deserve it because he barely tried. He didn't make it a show.