New York Jets: 3 Ways the Eva/Sanchez Relationship Could Affect His Play

Alexander Crowe@@AlexCrowe38Correspondent IJuly 7, 2012

New York Jets: 3 Ways the Eva/Sanchez Relationship Could Affect His Play

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    There is no secret that there are rumors floating around about former basketball wife Eva Longoria and New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. While tabloid and rumor stories can be boring and involve no sports information at all, this situation is different.

    Sanchez has had his name in the news a lot recently, from signing a new deal to rumors about him being benched having to be smashed by head coach Rex Ryan (h/t Rich Cimini, There are three ways that this rumored relationship (h/t could end up affecting the play, and ultimately life, of Mark Sanchez.

Scenario 1: It Actually Works Out for Both of Them

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    Relationships don't always end up for the worse, despite what is mainly shown in the news today.

    If this relationship is true, there is a chance that it could actually end up working and helping the career of Mark Sanchez.

    Playing is much easier when a player's personal life is in order, and things are figured out and settled down. If this ends up working and Mark Sanchez and Eva Longoria do end up working out, this may accelerate his career and give him the confidence boost he needs to finally step up and take charge of the New York Jets, win the fans over and lead the team to a Super Bowl victory.

Scenario 2: Things Don't End Up so Well for Eva and Mark

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    So relationships can end up well. However, there is always the alternate.

    Say Eva and Mark don't end up so well off after all, and Eva ends up leaving. This could actually be a good thing for Sanchez.

    Yes, his personal life will be a disaster. But in today's fast-paced world of social media and up to the minute news, the story will be on the tabloids for a few days (if even that) and then the whole thing will be over with.

    Meanwhile, Sanchez plays like he has never played before, not only because he will be out of the tabloids and rumors with Eva, but also because he wants to show her up by playing like a stud and showing her what she missed out on. (Let's be honest, everyone has had one of those times in their life.) 

    Either way you look at it, in this scenario, Sanchez loses a girl but gains confidence and it helps his career tremendously. 

Scenario 3: Things End Up Even Worse for Mark Sanchez

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    Let's say that this relationship thing for Mark and Eva goes to splitsville pretty quickly. Then what?

    Sanchez, though he could take it well, could also have the opposite reaction.

    Sanchez could end up spiraling out of control, with his game taking a huge fall. And isn't there a new quarterback in town who is looking for a starting job? If Sanchez messes up, Tebow will be right behind him with his band of loyal, diehard followers waiting to take his place as the starting quarterback in New York.

    If Sanchez isn't careful, this whole thing could be the beginning of the end for him and the Jets.