UFC 148: What We Learned from Dong Hyun Kim vs Demian Maia

Andrew BarrCorrespondent IApril 7, 2017

Well, that was quick.

It looks like moving down from middleweight to welterweight was the right move for Demian Maia, as he was able to defeat the always-tough Dong Hyun Kim in less than one minute.

Maia came out aggressive and immediately went for the takedown. Many thought that Maia would struggle to ground the judo-proficient Kim, but Maia was able to get Kim's back with relative ease and—after some struggle—bring the fight to the ground.

Upon hitting the canvas, Kim sustained a rib injury and Maia took advantage quickly, mounting him and finishing the fight.

Great respect was shown from Maia, who immediately got off Kim once he realized he was hurt.


What We'll Remember about This Fight

All of it—it was less than a minute long.

If you remember the fight at all, you'll remember the whole thing.


What We Learned about Maia

The move to welterweight was a good idea. He looks in much better shape at this weight, and the size advantage he'll have over opponents plays well into his grappling game.

However, we will need to see Maia in a longer fight to see how the weight cut affects his cardio.

What We Learned about Kim

His ribs aren't made of Adamantium? 

There's really not much to be said for Kim's performance. He fell awkwardly and got injured. It could happen to everyone. Hopefully, he has a quick recovery, and we will see him back in action soon.


What's Next for Maia

The welterweight division is Maia's oyster. He's new to the division, so he doesn't have to worry about pesky rematches or anything of that sort.

Diego Sanchez or Josh Koscheck would both be interesting. That said, any welterweight with a recognizable name is a good fight for Maia right now.


What's Next for Kim

After the injury, it's currently uncertain how long it will be until Kim can fight again.

Jon Fitch would be a good fight for him. Both are coming off losses and grappling is their bread and butter. Would be an interesting chess match.


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