Damien Sandow: How the Little Details Could Make Him WWE's Next Great Heel

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 9, 2012

Photo: WWE
Photo: WWE

Since his debut, Damien Sandow has managed to gain a much bigger following than most WWE superstars would have been able to in their first two months in the ring.

Damien Sandow debuted on WWE television in a pre-taped vignette on April 6 of this year and he made his in-ring debut on May 4.

Since his initial videos he has taken what appeared to be a simple gimmick and turned it into one of the more interesting heel characters in all of wrestling.

When it comes to Sandow, it is not the big things that make the character, but rather the little details which make him one of the most polarizing figures to debut in a very long time.

He doesn't have an entrance theme by a major rock group, he doesn't have flashy symbols adorning his trunks and he has no explosive fireworks to accompany his entrance.

Sandow and WWE are taking a different approach to his character with a "less is more" sort of attitude.

His initial promo videos before his debut showed an arrogant heel who tried to make us, the unwashed masses, feel inferior by using his thesaurus to give some of the most intelligent-sounding promos we have heard in years.

This is nothing new as many superstars and managers have turned a big vocabulary and inflated ego into a gimmick, but Sandow does it in a way that seems more natural than some of the more forced gimmicks of the past.

When Sandow speaks he commands your attention and that is something every wrestler should aspire to. He is already a great mic worker where most have to work to get to that point

His mic skills being above average is not the only part of his image which has people watching.

His entrance is always entertaining with his use of the song "Hallelujah" for the first couple of seconds followed by him verbally ripping his opponent to shreds while he walks to the ring.

His attire is also something which helps him to stand out more than the average superstar. While pink, purple and white are all common colors used by wrestlers, it is not often you see someone use all three colors at once.

Pink trunks, purple knee pads and white boots make him an instantly recognizable figure, and it also allows him to show why his intellect does not allow him to be a slave to normal style conventions.

If you saw sign in the crowd with a stick figure wearing pink trunks, purple knee pads and white boots without any words accompanying the image you would still immediately know who the sign was for.

On top of his in-ring attire is a more classic look with the navy-blue robe complete with workout towel around his shoulders.

This is a look which many wrestlers like Bob Backlund have used for lengthy portions of their career and it brings back images of the old prize fighters in their boxing robes.

The slicked-back hair and bushy beard help accentuate the image as he looks like somewhat of an academic scholar with a bad attitude.

All these things would be nothing if Sandow wasn't good in the ring. His intense style can be a bit of a shock at first because he seems so calm when he speaks...and then the bell rings.

He has not had any matches which have been very long, but what we have seen of Sandow shows that he is quite talented.

His finisher is just a modified neckbreaker, but he adds some flare to it by rolling backwards after performing the finisher and pinning his opponent with a very relaxed cover.

It is that little extra salt in the wounds with Sandow covering his opponent in such a confident way that helps to push his heel persona that much further.

As a long-time fan of the sport, I cannot remember a wrestler coming in to WWE and immediately drawing attention the way Sandow has been able to do in quite some time.

Sandow having already qualified for the SmackDown Money in the Bank match could be viewed as WWE having a lot of faith in his ability.

Even though it is not uncommon for a new superstar to show up on a PPV so early in their run, it is still a match which could allow Sandow to stand out if he pulls off something exciting during the match.

His few encounters with Zack Ryder could lead to a feud between two of WWE's most opposite superstars on the roster.

The future holds big things for Damien Sandow. Bank on it.