UFC 148 Fight Card: Favorites for “Fight Night” Awards

Montique David@@montiquedCorrespondent IIIJuly 7, 2012

UFC 148 Fight Card: Favorites for “Fight Night” Awards

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    We haven’t even started yet and we have clubhouse leaders for the “Fight Night” awards. Granted nobody is wearing running shoes like Clay Guida was, so we should be in for a treat come later on.

    But which fights have the inside track for the awards and the cash? Let’s take a look.

Submission of the Night

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    The Winner: Fabricio Camoes

    This seems like almost a no way to win fight for Guillard as he’s staring down the barrel of being cut from the UFC with a loss. Unfortunately for him, his Achilles heel will rear its ugly head yet again because Camoes is a third degree Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

    Guillard has been submitted by purple and brown belts before, and nine of his 10 losses are due to submission. I think that’s the perfect combination to ensure Camoes a little extra cash in his pocket.

KO of the Night

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    Very rarely do you have the elements to see something special. But in this fight, there’s just that. Cote is going to have a tough time dealing with the array of kicks that Le brings to the table, and by the end of the night, he’s going to be seeing stars.

    I see Cung Le reminding the UFC of why it brought him on board by providing a highlight reel head kick that’ll turn out Cote’s lights.

Fight of the Night

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    There’s almost no way this can’t be the pick. The atmosphere, the combatants, the stage. In what is possibly the biggest PPV main event ever, these two are set to deliver something spectacular in the cage.

    I’m not sure how this fight is going to end, but I just know that no matter what happens, it’ll be fun to watch.