The 2008-09 B/R College Football Playoffs: Semifinals—Florida-TCU

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2009

Welcome, friends, to the first semifinal match-up of the 2008-09 B/R college football playoffs.

Before we get started, let's recap the quarterfinals.

(1) Florida defeated (8) Penn State, receiving 77.9 percent of the votes.

(7) TCU upset (2) Utah, receiving 62.9 percent of the votes.

(6) Alabama upset (3) USC, receiving 59.2 percent of the votes.

And last week (5) Oklahoma ran away in the polls, as they defeated (4) Texas, receiving 70.2 percent of the votes.

Per fan request, I have decided to create the semifinal match-ups based on seeding, rather than bracket progression.

Lowest seed will play the highest seed.

Therefore, here are our semifinal match-ups.

(1) Florida vs. (7) TCU

(5) Oklahoma vs. (6) Alabama

Shall we begin?

Semi-finals: (1) Florida Gators vs. (7) TCU Horned Frogs

Why Florida will win...

Florida had an easy test in the first round; Penn State never really was a match for them. However, the Florida offense will have to prove themselves against the best defense in the NCAA.

Tim Tebow will be under pressure, but his main dilemma is that secondary. If he isn't careful, he could find himself throwing a lot of interceptions.

The speed of this offense will be key in this game.

The Florida defense can make life very hard for TCU's offense. TCU has no reliable passing game, nor a reliable running game.

Why TCU will win...

Tebow tends to make freshman mistakes against good secondaries. We saw this in the BCS title game. TCU has smart corners that will bait Tebow into throwing interceptions.

The pass rush will be virtually ineffective, as Tebow runs his offense out of the shotgun all game.

As far as offense goes, the key is to pound the rock between the tackles. Florida is simply too fast outside, and if TCU tries to play Florida at their own game, they will lose.

My Pick

TCU really has their work cut out for them here. Florida is superior in just about every way.

Utah upset Alabama in the Sugar Bowl with sheer intensity and effort. Can TCU pull the same thing off against Florida?

Not with Tim Tebow at quarterback; he keeps his team hungry for more. The game is close early...but the Gators pull away in the third quarter.

Gators win 38-17.

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