Melissa GContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

The new official search engine of NASCAR is

Ok, that's good and all but their advertising plan is driving me crazy!

It is simple and genius.  During the race or right before a commercial break the commentators ask a trivial question about NASCAR.  "Why was Lake Lloyd built?" "Who were the winniest drivers at this track?" "Who has the record for this?"  Then the commentators inform you that the only way to get the answer is to go to!

It is torture.  I do not want to move.  I do not want to get up and go to my computer, but I desperately want to know the answer to that darn question.  Why couldn't they think like the Aflac duck.  At least he tells me the answer 5 minutes later.

Nevertheless 2 thumbs up to the mastermind behind that advertising technique.  It might actually get people to look on

It succeeds in getting my attention and building my curiosity.  Unfortunately, the first place I still go to find out something is WIKIPEDIA!