Dana White Says Anderson Silva Is Best in the World, and Doesn't Use TRT

Nedu ObiAnalyst IIJuly 6, 2012

Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE
Photo by Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

UFC President Dana White went on record to say Anderson Silva doesn’t require the use of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy) to perform at the highest level. He also stated that the middleweight champion was the No. 1 fighter in the world.

In addition, White gave a candid evaluation of TRT and its users.

From White, originally reported by ESPN.co.uk:

"The way TRT works is, as you get older, your testosterone level drops. This replaces it. But the problem is you get guys going 'this much [gestures small amount] is good, so this much [gestures bigger amount] must be great.'

"You will find guys who will cheat even with the stuff that's legal.

"Anderson Silva, the best in the world, has broken every record in the UFC, he's 38 years old and he is not doing TRT. He's 100 per cent [sic] natural and he beats everybody.

"The bottom line is you don't need that junk. If you don't use stuff earlier in your career, you don't end up needing that junk."

The debate as to whether TRT enhances an athlete’s performance has been raging on for a while now.

However, there are advantages to taking TRT, such as an increase in energy levels, bone density and muscle mass.

Following his title tilt against Silva at UFC 117, it was revealed that Sonnen had elevated levels of T/E (Testosterone/Epitestosterone) in his urine sample, and as a consequence, he was suspended for 12 months (later reduced to six on appeal).

Former Strikeforce heavyweight champion and current UFC resident Alistair Overeem is another fighter whose T/E ratio was way over the allowed ratio of 6:1. For his transgressions, the Nevada State Athletic Commissions revoked his license.

Sonnen is scheduled to lock horns with Silva once again in the main event of UFC 148.


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