Why Money in the Bank Is the 2nd-Best WWE Pay-Per-View After WrestleMania

Leonardo SplinterSenior Writer IJuly 6, 2012

Photo: WWE.com
Photo: WWE.com

SummerSlam may be considered the second-largest annual pay-per-view after WrestleMania, but largest doesn't necessarily mean best. The second best pay-per-view after WrestleMania is undoubtedly Money in the Bank. 

Some fans hate gimmick pay-pay-views, but I love them.

I like gimmick pay-per-views for the same reason I like Royal Rumble—which is that I know at least one match on the card will be extraordinarily special and worth the price of admission.

At TLC, I can expect a TLC match. At Extreme Rules, I can expect extreme rules. At Hell in a Cell, I can expect a Hell in a Cell match. At Elimination Chamber, I can expect an Elimination Chamber match. At Money in the Bank, I can expect a Money in the Bank ladder match.

With non-gimmick pay-per-views like Over The Limit and even SummerSlam, I don't know what I'll get. I can expect to be entertained, but for the most part, I don't know what I'm going to get. I might get a memorable moment, I might not. I might get a classic like Bret Hart vs. Mr. Perfect, or I might get Kevin Nash power-bombing CM Punk.  

WrestleMania is the exception to non-gimmick pay-per-views. WrestleMania's track record proves that you can expect memorable matches and moments—like Hulk Hogan body-slamming Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III or, more recently, the Triple H vs. Undertaker Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as special guest referee at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Back to the subject of gimmick pay-per-views.

Ultimately, while I like gimmick pay-per-views, none of them offer more value than Money in the Bank.

Which other pay-per-view offers fans two Money in the Bank ladder matches (which usually offer some nice spots and where anywhere from four to 10 competitors fight for a shot at either the World Heavyweight Championship or WWE title)?

Besides the two Money in the Bank ladder matches, fans also get a WWE Championship match and a World Heavyweight Championship match. 

All together, this means fans get four high-profile matches. No other pay-per-view traditionally guarantees more high-profile matches.

Sure, TLC, Hell in a Cell, Extreme Rules and Elimination Chamber offer gimmick matches, but unlike Money in the Bank's ladder matches, those matches usually revolve around the World Heavyweight and WWE Championships.

Ultimately, while SummerSlam may be considered the "second-largest annual pay-per-view" after WrestleMania, Money in the Bank is undoubtedly the second-largest annual bang for your buck pay-per-view. It lives up to its name. For those who don't know, "Money in the Bank" refers to "something that returns a profit."

Last year, fans were treated to two breathtaking eight-man ladder matches, an unpredictable World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and Christian and perhaps the match of the year in John Cena vs. CM Punk.

I attended last year's event and can say it was worth every single penny.

What will fans get this year? 

Also, do you believe Money in the Bank is the second-best pay-per-view after WrestleMania?

Why or why not?

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