Has Drew Brees' Contract Debacle Damaged His Relationship with the Saints?

Jason Bernos@Berns247Contributor IIJuly 5, 2012


Drew Brees has had a very interesting past 12 months, to say the least.

He's been a lead plaintiff in a lawsuit during the NFL lockout. He broke Dan Marino's record for most passing yards in a season. And now he's ended up in a long contract dispute that has lasted past the Fourth of July. 

But has that caused irreversible damage to Brees' relationship with the New Orleans Saints? No.

He might lose more sleep not having his "brother-from-another-mother," Sean Payton, at his side during the 2012 season than worrying about his relationship.

And you know why?

He knows that the $1 million or so that separates the two sides will get settled by the July 16th deadline. You see that certainty in his comments (from Yahoo! Sports) that he "would never sit out a football season."

Conspiracy theorists will doubt the legitimacy of the statement, believing their QB could very well miss training camp.

Look, Drew knows how important he is to this team and that offense. Hell, there is no Saints offense without him. Just ask the wide receivers and tight ends how many balls have been batted down or intercepted in mini-camp thanks to the weak arm of Chase Daniel.

Brees' contract dispute might make him look like another millionaire cry baby outside of Louisiana, but inside, especially around NOLA, the majority of the people are nothing but positive when talking about Brees. 

That's what happens when you outperform your previous contract by a ton and bring New Orleans its only championship. You get those kind of perks and benefit of the doubt.

His relationship with the Saints organization is irrelevant at this point because the simple fact is that he will be signed, and he will retire as the greatest player to have ever put on a Saints uniform.

This dispute won't cause any alienation in the future. Am I saying that people aren't even the least bit agitated by the current process? Not at all, but that agitation won't linger long after Brees puts pen to paper and gets back on the field.