Will WWE Ever Treat the Diva's Division as Equal to the Men's Division?

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistJuly 6, 2012

Brad Langer (http://inthedoorway.deviantart.com)
Brad Langer (http://inthedoorway.deviantart.com)

The WWE roster is packed to the brim with men and women who have sacrificed a lot to get to where they are right now, but some of those people may be starting to feel like it was all for naught.

The WWE Divas division has always been a powder-keg of controversy for numerous reasons.

WWE has been accused of using their Divas only in a sexual way in the past, while more recently they have been getting flack for simply not featuring them enough—and it is hard to disagree with that.

Layla is the Divas Champion. I say that because I would not be surprised if someone were to be unaware of this fact.

Other than a quick tag match with Khali this past week, we have barely seen the former NBA dancer do much of anything since winning the title from Beth Phoenix.

One Diva who is getting more than her fair share of screen time is AJ, but the only reason for that is because she is deeply connected to the main storyline on Raw between CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

AJ is very talented, and she has shown that she has the capacity to be the next big thing in women's wrestling. But what about everybody else?

Beth Phoenix, Tamina and Natalya have all shown that they have the skill to hang with anyone on the roster, and yet trying to find one of them on a weekly TV show is harder than finding someone who has seen Bigfoot.

Aksana was being featured weekly as Teddy Long's love interest, but since being paired with Antonio Cesaro, it seems like we see her less and less with each passing week.

Not all Divas are created equal, but WWE has the talent and power to make the division worth watching again, and they are simply choosing to ignore it for some unknown reason.

The Divas do not draw a lot of viewers simply because no one can find an excuse to invest time into something even WWE is unwilling to put an effort into.

WWE Diva Maxine recently left the company after experiencing what many Divas have in the past—a complete lack of character progression.

With any luck, the WWE network—if it ever actually comes to fruition—will help fix this problem by possibly devoting an entire show to the hardworking women of the company.

As someone who has watched wrestling for close to three decades, I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that women can put on just as good of a show as men can as long as they have the proper skills and are given the chance.

What do you think—Will the Divas ever be treated as equals to the men of WWE?