WWE New Undisputed Title?

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2009

With Edge winning the world heavyweight title last night and Triple H winning the WWE champion what does this mean for Raw?

Most people would think ok well Edge didn't belong in the chamber match and there probably right but not only was he there he won.

WWE have to be real careful what they do next, I mean most Smackdown fans tune in to watch Edge I know I do. Edge has been the best heel on WWE for years now and the relationship with Vickie work so well in his favor.

Triple H has made the show easier to watch as well, so who do you move over to Raw?

Here's what I hope does happen Edge and Triple H fight and see who is the undisputed champion. They will never do it but why not?

Even if that does happen still leaves Raw without a champion though.

So it boils down to moving Edge to Raw, stripping him of the title because he a Smackdown guy, or the most disgraceful thing they could do is give Cena his rematch tonight on Raw and he beats Edge.

I personally think John Cena will get his rematch tonight don't know if he will win though.