Dwight Howard: Stop the Insanity, He's Not Coming to the Chicago Bulls

Darrell HorwitzSenior Writer IIApril 8, 2017

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If you're following the Dwight Howard charade, his new pick to click is the Brooklyn Nets—at least this week. Next week it could be Dallas or the Lakers, but there's one thing you can be sure of—it won't be the Chicago Bulls.

Even though coming to Chicago seemingly would make the most sense for Howard if he seriously wants to win, he seems adverse to the "city of big shoulders."

Whether it's not wanting to share the same turf with Derrick Rose because of his Adidias affiliation, or just wanting to be the main man and knowing that will never happen in Chicago, Howard simply has no interest in playing for the Bulls.

So the question is, why does everyone insist on writing articles about Howard coming to Chicago?

Is it because fans of the team feel he is the only hope for Chicago's once-bright future that is sinking faster than the Titanic?

With other teams making noise in the free-agent market, Chicago has been surprisingly silent. The only news to come out is the offer sheet to Omer Asik and if the Bulls should match it.

The more you think about it, that has to be it.

With Rose's injury and an uncertain return date factored in with the possibility of Luol Deng having surgery despite hopeful news from Bulls' representatives, there just hasn't been much to cheer about if you're a Bulls fan.

Add in the news that Joakim Noah hasn't fully recovered from his ankle injury and will be sitting out the Olympics and you have wide-spread panic in Chicago, so who better than Superman to save the day?

The Bulls were the hope of the city. Once the ping-pong balls bounced their way, everything seemed to be coming up Roses (pun intended).

Then came the "Summer of LeBron" following the 2010 campaign when the Bulls cleared salary space to bring in two marquee free-agents.

When the advertised star attractions instead became supporting actors like Carlos Boozer and Kyle Korver, the shine wore off a bit.

But the Bulls persevered despite not hitting the free-agent trifecta like Miami and had the best record in the league the past two years.

Things were looking up when Chicago ran roughshod over the Heat in the first game of the ECF two years ago.

Then—unfortunately—reality took over.

While the Bulls had a team that overachieved during the regular season because of playing harder than their opponents, talent took over in the playoffs and the Bulls lost the last four games to the Heat.

Bulls' fans were disconsolate the entire off-season and waiting for another crack at Miami.

The Bulls thought they solved their main weakness by adding Rip Hamilton to replace the offensively-challenged Keith Bogans.

Sometimes the best-laid plans don't work out. Hamilton spent more time in the trainers' room than on the court.

Many observers thought the Bulls were short, even if Hamilton was healthy all year.

Then Rose went down at the end of the first game of the playoffs against Philadelphia. You could hear the collective groan as Chicago knew not only were the Bulls doomed this year but also in future years, because the window just slammed shut on them.

Thoughts of Dwight Howard bring hope to fans with championships dancing in their eyes envisioning "Jordan days" all over again.

If only Howard would realize Chicago is where he needs to be. The thought of him teamed with Rose forms a dynamic duo that can overcome the villains in Miami.

Chicago fans are teetering on the ledge, ready to jump for joy at the thought of the two of them paired together.

And in a surprise ending,good news. Howard will be playing in Chicago next year.

It just won't be in a Bulls uniform.