John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan: The WWE Feud That Will Crash Your Server

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistJuly 6, 2012


One is a superstar; the other is a wrestler. One looks like a body builder; the other is a vegan. One preaches "hustle, loyalty and respect;" the other screams "yes!" One is the product of the WWE machine; the other is a journeyman-turned-organic phenomenon.

One is a workhorse. So is the other one.

One is polarizing on the internet. The other, borderline harmonizing.

John Cena and Daniel Bryan teased what could be a very entertaining feud in the future with an exchange to begin RAW.

The perception of both Cena and Bryan could not be more different to the older, more jaded fan, many of whom frequent the internet to voice their displeasure with Cena while singing the praises of consummate underdog Daniel Bryan.

John Cena will never get credit for being an elite wrestler. Cena's in-ring style, which has produced a significant number of great matches, is simple and, to some, neanderthal.

Despite Cena's overachievements in the ring, his workrate will always pale in comparison to that of Bryan, who has long since been considered one of the best wrestlers in the world.

However, these two styles would make magic in the ring, with a heel Bryan dishing out a significant portion of the punishment through his intricate offense, all while the heroic Cena withstands every piercing strike.

There is no doubt that several strong matches are to be had between Bryan and Cena, but the booking of this feud will be heavily scrutinized by the so-called smart fans looking to cry foul on any instance of Bryan being booked unfavorably.

An impending feud between Bryan and Cena would be made more interesting should Bryan be the WWE Champion with Cena making the babyface chase.

Then, a platform for outrage would be presented with the threat of Bryan's long, arduous journey to the richest prize in sports entertainment being ended by what would be an 11th WWE title win by Cena.

The battle of good vs. evil would play out two entirely different ways to two entirely different demographics. CM Punk vs. John Cena was undoubtedly the feud of the year last year, but Bryan-Cena could be prove to be somewhat of an upgrade.

Anti-Cena fans will be a loud and proud group with fan support virtually split down the middle, if not skewed to Bryan and his increasingly popular "Yes" chants.

John Cena is in desperate need of a fresh foe. Following a feud with John Laurinaitis that was borderline unwatchable in the ring and a program with the Big Show that played out like a rerun, Daniel Bryan would be an ideal choice to bring the best out of John Cena.

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