Stevie Johnson Video: Watch Bills' Receiver Flow with Game in New Rap Video

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Stevie Johnson would like a minute to spit fresh rhymes with Game, if you don't mind. 

The latest video featuring the Buffalo Bills' receiver is a little disconcerting. I have come to the conclusion that athletes make for horrible recording artists. 

There is a wide swath of sports stars that entered the recording studio and came out with a huge fail on their hands. 

Black Mamba, we are looking at you. 

The NFL wide receiver does quite well matching wits with Game in this song entitled, "Run It Back." Some will hate on the pace and incessant use of sports references, but I can't help but smile when listening to this. 

It's not his first rodeo, either. Johnson released a mixtape called "Why So Serious" in September of 2011, and shows his ease and personae in this video. 

Yes, the allusion to Steve Nash draining buckets and Cam Newton pulling a celebratory Superman could be seen as hackneyed and cheesy, but I say they are simply sugary. 

I am done hating on all athletes trying their hand at a second love in the form of rapping and pursuing success in hip-hop, especially when there is some promise there. 

Trust me, there are volumes of athletes offering cringe-worthy rhymes, and this just doesn't qualify. In fact, I will give this a rousing thumbs up. Now run it back. 

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