Best Match at No Way Out: Smackdown Chamber

XWA DiggContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

The Smackdown Chamber definitely stole the show to no ones surprise. Lets be honest, paper wise, the raw chamber was not even on SDs level. Turns out they were both good, but SD was definitely better filled with more surprises. The most exciting moment of the night, was Edge being elimated a couple of minutes into the match.Unlike in the Raw Chamber, Everyone in Sds chamber was over witht he crowd, whether it be Heel wise or face wise. The brawl bewteen Taker and HHH at the end was classic, and how HHH, Taker and Jeff worked together to get rid of Big Show was another unforgettable moment. So yes, they definitely opened the show in a big way. Congrats.


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