TNA Bound for Glory 2012 Could Be Heading to Australia

Dathen Boccabella@@dathbocAnalyst IIJuly 5, 2012

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TNA President Dixie Carter took to Twitter yesterday, posting a duo of tweets which promised much, but explained little.

The announcement of where 2012’s Bound for Glory will take place is yet to come, but some clues could very well be hidden in Carter’s posts on Twitter.

Last week during Impact Wrestling Carter tweeted the following:

On next week's show we will announce BFG 2012 location. Hint: TNA has never been to this beautiful city.

The list of locations—both within and without of the U.S.—where TNA has never been is a notably large one.

Carter had more to say on Twitter just yesterday:

Australia! Finalizing plans for a phenomenal announcement soon!

Impact Wrestling fans in Australia have long waited for a TNA tour and after plans fell through in 2010 the demand has only increased.

TNA has never been down under in their 10-year history, so the revealing of a tour would certainly be a major announcement.

Would it be “phenomenal” though?

Phenomenal implies something much bigger.

Given the context of this Australian announcement being finalized just before the Bound for Glory location is revealed, there may be something to read between the lines.

Immediately following her tweet to the Australian fans, Carter had more to say:

Can't wait to announce the location of Bound For Glory 2012 on Impact tomorrow night. First time in this market. Any guesses?

Not only is she extremely excited about the location, but also highlights that it is a new market.

Although many locations are uncharted by TNA, Australia remains a notable omission from their travel history.

Are Carter’s tweets on Bound for Glory and Australia at all related?

In the world of Twitter we can never tell what the true meaning is behind a post.

If TNA did bring Bound for Glory to Australia it would be a massive progression, both for TNA as an international brand and pro-wrestling as a global sport.

At the same time Bound for Glory in Australia would be a huge risk.

Issues such as the potential to draw a crowd-size worthy of Bound for Glory and the differences in timezones for live broadcasting would make such an undertaking difficult, but not impossible.

We will soon know whether these tweets are connected, as Carter will be announcing the host city of Bound for Glory on Thursday’s edition of Impact Wrestling.

Update: As of tonight's Impact Wrestling episode it was revealed that Bound for Glory will take place in Phoenix, Arizona. The upcoming news for Australian fans; therefore, is likely the announcement of a much-desired tour.