Rey Mysterio: New World Heavyweight Champ

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2009

If you watched closely in the World Title Match, Rey Mysterio won 1-2-3. The ref had pinned Edge's shoulder down and they said it was a two count; I say Rey won, and I am upset about Edge winning that match. I think that Rey should win because the ref counted to three.

Why in the hell would they put Edge as the World Champ? I mean, Rey is the crowd favorite and you give it to someone that you're high in and you slap Kofi in the face and tell him he wouldn't be in it after he beat Kane, but Kane gets in that's another thing I am mad about.

So what will happen now after the great performance tonight at No Way Out?

  1. They could put him in the title hunt.
  2. Can put him in Money in the Bank.
  3. Put him against Chris Jericho as a replacement.

I don't like the disrespect to Rey tonight because they are not going to give another push to Rey.

That's how I think; you take it how you want to.

—Adrian Staehle