AJ Lee's Rise and the WWE "PCE" Issue That Can Bring It Down

Asif LalaniContributor IIJuly 5, 2012

For a WWE Diva, AJ Lee has made a serious impact with the pro wrestling community while managing to keep her cleavage and overall sexuality in check (which, for past and current Divas, has been a serious challenge.)

It definitely helps that she is as cute as a freakin’ button.

It also helps that WWE creative has managed to find a way to use a diva correctly in a storyline of actual substance. Not to say the storyline screams of originality, but it gets the job done. So much so that Grantland.com writer David Shoemaker aka “The Masked Man” wrote an article crowning AJ as the new Miss Elizabeth.

Personally, any sort of comparison to Miss Elizabeth is jumping the gun quicker than an angry Texan.  Miss Elizabeth was built up as a classy, mature woman that you would want to take to an elegant ball and if you’re lucky, you might get a goodnight kiss from at the end of the night. AJ is built up as this crazy, teenage girl-like psychopath who you can play video games and eat a pizza with. Sure she’ll make out with you, probably get some tongue action too, but she’ll also watch you sleep and follow you when you’re awake.

In other words, Miss Elizabeth = Princess Diana, and AJ = Early Avril Lavigne mixed with angry Alanis Morissette.

Furthermore, the creative staff at WWE has clearly proven they cannot maintain or execute a storyline correctly long enough for AJ to establish that sort of rapport with the audience. WWE has, as I like to say, “PCE” (Premature Creative Ejaculation).

Allow me to explain. Over the past year, the WWE has been given opportunity after opportunity (more so than any other time during the “PG Era” at least) to deliver a real meaningful and impactful storyline and they have dropped the ball. 

CM Punk and his “Pipebomb” antics faded and lost steam. Rock-Cena was given a year to develop, but in actuality, only delivered a few real weeks of buildup due to the Rock’s schedule, and even then the Rock delivered the same repetitive crap week after week and was more interested in “trending worldwide” over giving a solid promo. Then to cap that off, they allow him to walk all over the face of the franchise Cena and disappear.

Oh, but that’s not all.

Then Brock Lesnar comes in, and people go crazy. Brock’s return was supposed to make a Mike Tyson-like impact, only instead his return crapped out quicker than his last UFC fight in what can only be described as one of the biggest flops in WWE history. And no, as good as Paul Heyman has been, he and his ponytail (please for the love of god cut that off) can’t save Brock at this point. And I won’t even go into detail regarding continuity issues (see the Kevin Nash text message storyline or the anonymous Raw GM).


Although this storyline has been great so far, I simply cannot trust WWE to maintain any sort of momentum or sustainability when they have been given chance after chance with bigger names only to screw it up. Heck, they already dropped Kane from the storyline when only weeks ago leading up to No Way Out people were wondering if she was going to join Kane.

It’s only a matter of time before AJ is relegated back to obscurity to make room for another storyline leading nowhere. Sorry if I sound cynical, and I truly am enjoying this storyline so far as AJ. WWE creative has done a great job mimicking the fact that bitches be crazy, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Sure we all dig crazy chicks, but I dig solid and consistent storytelling much more. Miss Elizabeth she is not, at least yet, and if she ever does get there, keep her away from Lex Luger (sorry, had to do it.)