NBA Free Agents 2012: 5 Free Agents the New York Knicks Must Avoid

Danny DukkerCorrespondent IIJuly 5, 2012

NBA Free Agents 2012: 5 Free Agents the New York Knicks Must Avoid

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    The offseason is rolling right along and there are many big teams in the mix trying to get the last piece to the puzzle.

    The Knicks are a team that disappointed many fans over the last two seasons with its poor regular season performances.

    However, just because the fans are angry does not mean the front office needs to jump into some hasty decisions. Some players might look good on paper, but that does not mean they will work with this team.

    There are players out there who just won’t fit in with the Knicks, and there are five in particular that need to be pointed out.

Jamal Crawford

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    Considering J.R. Smith just turned down his option to play for the Knicks the coming season, New York might be looking for a similar presence on the market.

    Jamal Crawford is a proven scorer, but he needs to take a lot of shots to get good numbers.

    Unfortunately, he has no problem putting up shot after shot, and considering the Knicks still didn’t figure the Melo-Amar’e thing out, getting another scorer is not a good idea.

    They already have people who don’t like passing, why get another?

O.J. Mayo

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    Very similar reason to the first slide.

    Mayo also brings a certain attitude to the Knicks that simply will not work.

    He was very upset when Lionel Hollins chose to put him on the bench last season, and playing on the Knicks will not in any way increase his role.

    He will be just another option, and although the idea of being on a contender will bring him in, he will quickly become impatient in the system.

    Mayo will want to be more of a shooter, and the Knicks simply cannot allow that to happen.

Tracy McGrady

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    A veteran eager to prove himself and with the drive to succeed is something every team needs.

    With that said, McGrady still has question marks about his health and is a huge liability on the defensive end of the floor.

    You also never know when McGrady will take a dumb shot and mess up the entire flow on offense. He only has a few more years left in him, and they should not be spent in the Big Apple.

Jameer Nelson

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    If Jeremy Lin goes, then the Knicks will be looking for a replacement at the point guard position.

    An underrated point guard, Nelson could be their guy.

    He looks great on paper with this team. With all that said, he is still incredibly inconsistent, despite playing alongside other great shooters—and Dwight Howard.

    Nelson could be a great pick-up, or he could be an absolutely terrible one.

    His leadership is questionable; he never stepped up for the team either as the point guard or as a locker-room presence during the Dwight Howard mess.

    The Knicks could be tempted, but this is too big of a risk for a club that is already getting a ton of heat from its fan base.

Shannon Brown

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    Another shooting-guard replacement, another problem.

    Shannon Brown managed to put up mediocre numbers last year while playing next to Steve Nash, and he will only get worse with another point guard.

    The Knicks might see a potential spark off the bench in Brown, but he is a bad passer and gambles too often on defense.

    His shot is inconsistent, and his work ethic has some questions around it.

    A great athlete, but that’s about it.


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