Edge is the New World Heavyweight Champion After No Way Out!

RykzCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

After losing the WWE title earlier on in the night Edge has just become the new world heavyweight champion.

As Kofi Kingston was entering the ring he was attacked by the Rate R superstar, Rey came out to Kofi's aid, but Edge locked himself inside on of the chambers.

Kane and Knox where both eliminated by Jericho and Mysterio.

Edge was next out, but was quickly attacked by Rey, the match went back and forth until the champ John Cena came in.

His sights were set on the Smackdown superstar just as he had Edge up for the "Attitude Adjustment," Y2J hit the Codebreaker, then Rey connected with the 619 leading to Edge spearing Cena.

Edge got the 3 count.

Rey eliminated Jericho with a quick roll up after countering the Walls of Jericho.

Near fall after near fall Rey got on Edge but he couldn't get the 3 count. Looking frustrated the fight led outside the ring where Mysterio hit a reverse 619 or as the King called it a 916.

Edge looked out of it, Mysterio ran towards Edge only for Edge to throw him into on of the chamber doors.

The biggest little man stumbled back into the ring and received a devastating spear, and Edge got the 3 count.