A Battle Rap About Joe Burgett—The Man Who Thinks His Poop Is Ice Cream

RhymenocerousContributor IFebruary 16, 2009

Here's a little diddy about a boy named Burgett,

Who came to B/R with lame articles tryna purge it.

He writes what you could read on a million different sites,

Still all his little groopies constantly give it bites.

He cant leave a comment without praising himself,

He needs to put the keyboard up on the shelf.

His ego is large, and his vocabulary is not,

What the Rhymenocerous is bringin is finally hot!

I'll tell you about his radio show on Saturday nights,

It's like three hours of fat dudes in tights.

Nobody wants to see it, or hear it at all,

This past Saturday there wasnt even one call.

He needs to hear us talk about him for his gratification (that means praising you, Joe)

He has the article appeal of a California Raisin!

So when he tells you JTG is "great," or Roode to WWE,

The news is definitely late, and makes me laugh till I pee!

He thought Robert Roode was Rick's son,

Hang with me a minute cause I still ain't done.

He doesn't know the definition of the word opinion,

He thinks he's always right and in his mind he's winnin.

So take what he says with a grain of salt,

His articles' poor grammar ain't his fault!

(It's Cameron's....because he isn't there to write them for him or carry him like he does on his radio show)

—The Rhymenocerous OB/RWSG!