No Way Out Results: The WWE Does It Again with New Champs

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2009

The WWE does it again WOW. The No Way Out Paper-View was nothing expected everyone as wrong and shocked. The NEW WWE Champ Triple H and the NEW World Heavyweight Champ Edge huh?

Yes Edge took Kofi spot after a chair shot and got in and pinned the world champion to eliminate John Cena third and it came down to Rey and Edge where I wanted Rey to win so bad but Edge came out on top. I think NWO was nothing no one expected. John Cena did not walk out as champ and Iam kind of happy. The WWE shock things up a lot.

Triple H became a 13 time world champ after pinning the Undertaker to become a 13 time champ. First elimination to last: Edge, Kozlov, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Undertaker. It was a great chamber match and good way to start off the show.

Shane came out short after a good match and aggressive match by Shane but the Legend Killer RKO'ed Shane to win but Shane gave I everything he got tonight but i would have expected a punt from Randy and no Stephanie turning on family.

Jack Swagger won in a quality match against Finlay but nothing exciting.

HBK won after his wife punched JBL and ignited a fire under HBK as he would take it from there and win the his match and his freedom.

Edge some how became the NEW World Champion after taking out Kofi and pinning John Cena and Rey Mysterio. Edge had shocked the world as so the WWE. Edge put him self in the match and took advantage as he was the first one pinned and last one to pin someone.

Overall this was a pretty good show to me anyways and I cant wait for my next edition to my WWE Weekly report.