When the Dust Settles: Wrestlemania Storylines Take Shape

JayCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

The road to WrestleMania took shape Sunday as new champions were crowned.

At No Way Out, audiences saw HHH earn his 13th championship and second consecutive Chamber victory. This happened after former champ Edge was quickly eliminated from the chamber.

Now most people were predicting an Edge vs. HHH title match at WM25. This made sense, considering Hunter's recent feud with Vickie.

It was then time for the RAW Elimination Chamber Match, which going into tonight, was the little brother of these matches. So it didn't make sense that it was the Main Event until we saw The Ultimate Opportunist sneak his way into the match.

Personally, after I saw Edge secure himself in the cage, it was clear as day he was going to win.

The amount of possibilities that were created this Sunday are endless, as are the questions of what's next.

The scenario that seems most likely as of right now is HHH going to RAW and feuding with Orton on Team McMahon. This is supported by the recent advertisement of a reuniting of DX vs. The Legacy.

So considering that happens, where does that leave Edge?

Jeff Hardy? Undertaker? Big Show? Christian? John Cena?

Vickie and Big Show seem to be having an underlying flirtation going on, which leaves me to believe there will be some infidelity storyline. But Big Show, headlining WM25, I think not.

Undertaker, The Phenom. Last Eliminated from the Chamber, and undefeated on the grandest stage of all. He could be in line for another title shot. Especially if there will be a Hardy vs. Hardy WM.

Jeff Hardy, seems logical, if it wasn't for his brother beating him with a chair. The Hardy's and Edge have been in some incredible match-ups, are we in for another?

Christian, he was just installed in ECW, but was denied a title shot by Swagger. While that can be easily reversed by Teddy Long, could be a reason to jump for another title. Personally, I think this one is the longest shot. The only way I see Edge vs. Christian at WM is if others, like the Hardys are involved.

The former champ cannot be too happy, as he was cheated out of his title by a Smackdown superstar. Cena could very likely be Edge's opponent at WM. But how would they make it happen. Edge to RAW, or Cena to SD?

I don't think they would send both HHH and Edge to RAW. So if a Cena vs. Edge match is in the works, look for Cena to come to SD, or just have a cross-brand feud.

We are on the road to WrestleMania 25. Everything was becoming too predictable for Vince, and it was time to stir the pot. Mission accomplished Vince, well done.