How Bout A Fair Penalty, Eh?

Amanda BradeenCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

Talk about an eventful Daytona 500. What started off as a race of smarts, ended in a race of accusations and rain. A huge congratulations goes out to Matt Kenseth and the 17 Dewalt team.

Of course we all know the controversy is over the accident involving Vickers, Earnhardt Jr, and many other drivers. Yes, I am a JR fan but this article has nothing to do with picking sides. As many have mentioned before, I feel Jr did not intentionally mean to spin Vickers around, but was trying to let him know to get out of the way.

Though I do feel this was not done by Jr on purpose, I do feel that Nascar needs to get their penalties straightened out. If they are going to penalize other drivers, such as the one in the Nationwide race, then do it for all. However,I do feel that the accusations saying they give Jr a break is not right. If that is the case, then they have given many other drivers a break.

Overall I just feel that more so than having a problem with JR, people should have the problem with Nascar and their rules. It was very unfortunate for those drivers affected by the mistake in this accident.

Let's hope that next week brings brings just as much excitement but not as much controversy!!