Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (7/2)

Will OwenCorrespondent IJuly 6, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Monday Night Raw (7/2)

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    Hey, Bleacher Report!

    This is the posting of this past Monday's episode of Monday Night Raw.

    As the name implies, this is "Fantasy Raw." By no means will any of this ever happen—it's just a continuation of the Fantasy WWE Series. 

    The ratings war started a few weeks back, so please leave a comment with a rating from one (hated it) to 10 (loved it). Please give us some feedback. It will only help us.

    A brief background: In October 2011, Nate Scaccia and I represented Raw while Kevin Berge and Nate Giese represented Smackdown in the second-ever WWE Fantasy Draft. After a lot of demanding schedules, the shows are now run by Michael Broughton and Will Owen on Raw, while Charl G, Jack McKenzie and George Cushnie control Smackdown. Both shows are putting on great episodes week in, week out and are very interesting.

    Writer's note: Just to show you guys that I read and value your comments, I've recently begun implementing match times into my matches, and now I am going to post my Raw roster every week. 

    Raw Roster

    1. Randy Orton

    2. Seth Rollins

    3. Mark Henry

    4. Sheamus

    5. Wade Barrett

    6. Rey Mysterio

    7. Undertaker

    8. Alex Riley

    9. Drew McIntyre

    10. R-Truth

    11. John Morrison

    12. Justin Gabriel

    13. Booker T

    14. Rob Van Dam

    15. Shelton Benjamin

    16. Kane

    17. Brock Lesnar

    18. Joe Hennig

    19. David Otunga

    20. Mason Ryan

    21. Great Khali

    22. Kassius Ohno

    23. Abraham Washington

    24. William Regal

    25. Natalya Neidhart

    26. Layla

    27. Beth Phoenix

    28. Alicia Fox

    29. Kelly Kelly

    30. Rosa Mendes

    31. Tamina Snuka

    32. Tiffany

    33. Hart Dynasty (Tyson Kidd and DH Smith w/Natalya)

    34. Dudley Boyz (D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley)

    35. Harris and Rotundo (Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo)

    36. The Cólons (Primo and Epico w/Rosa)

    37. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso w/Tamina)

    We are eight days removed from Money in the Bank, which you can view here. What's in store for tonight? Only one way to find out. Let's get to Raw!

Promo: The Federation Comes Down to the Ring

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    Brock Lesnar's music hits, and he comes out alongside the entire Federation, including Mr. McMahon. They all get in the ring as Vince and Lesnar each grab a mic. 

    Vince: Ladies and gentlemen, your new World Heavyweight Champion.....BROCK LESNAR!!! 

    The arena piles with boos as Lesnar attempts to speak. However, he is forced to stop and wait for the boos to settle down before finally talking. 

    Brock: Shut up! I'm the best damn wrestler in the entire industry, so sit down and show me some respect! Do you know who I am?!? I'm Brock friggin’ Lesnar! I'm an ass-kicker! I'm the guy that manhandled the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins! 

    The entire stable begins clapping, while the fans continue to pummel Lesnar with boos. 

    Suddenly, Headstrong by Trapt hits and Seth Rollins makes his way down to the ring. 

    Seth: Congratulation Brock! You did it! However, you seem to overlook one glaring factor...the man on your left. 

    Rollins points to Ohno, who shrugs and laughs. 

    Seth: What the hell do you find so funny? If you have something to say, walk up the ramp and say it to my face! 

    Ohno shakes his head before backing up. 

    Seth: Exactly! You have proved my point. You didn't attack me at Money in the Bank because you had a grudge against me. It is painfully obvious that you are scared of me! The only reason you did it is because you want to kiss the boss' ass as much as possible. In case you haven't realized, it has gotten you nowhere! What exactly have you achieved since joining forces with Vinnie? Huh? 

    Kassius doesn't say a word as he tries to laugh it off, but is visibly frustrated. 

    Seth: You know what, I think it is about time somebody knocked some sense into you. I'm issuing an open challenge against you for tonight's main event. 

    Kassius grabs Brock's microphone. 

    Kassius:Ha! No chance of th—

    Vince: Perfect! Looks like we got a great main event in store for tonight! 

    Kassius is in complete shock as his boss has once again thrown him under the bus. Seth laughs as he walks back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Ohno tries pleading with Vince, but is unsuccessful.

Match 1: Dark Thunder vs. R-Truth and Booker T

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    Abe and Henry come out first to some great heat. They are followed by their former friends Truth and Booker T, who are greeted by cheers from the crowd. A.W. starts it off against Booker T, as each man looks ready to go. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins. 

    Chaos ensues from the get go, as Washington and Booker battle back and forth with punches. Booker is able to gain the advantage with a stiff kick to the gut, but Abe is able to take control as he ducks a clothesline before connecting with a dropkick. he makes the early cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Washington slows down the pace of the match as he locks in a fuji wara arm bar on Booker. A.W. is ruthless with the hold, but Booker effuses to give in. After getting to his feet, Booker T escapes the move and connects with a huge arm drag, before tagging in his partner. Truth comes in with a fury of punches, followed up with snap suplex. Instead of going for the cover, Truth hops over the top rope and out to the apron. With Washington down, Truth attempts a slingshot somersault senton. He hits it and makes the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    In control, Truth lifts Abe up and attempt a DDT. However, Washington turns the tables as he connects with a northern light's suplex. A.W. scurries to his feet and frantically makes the tag to Henry. Mark shows off his massive strength, lifting Truth up and sending him over the ropes to the outside with a gorilla press slam. Henry then climbs down to ringside and continues his assault, hitting a huge shoulder block.Truth is helpless and Mark uses all of his strength to throw him face-first into the barricade. Henry climbs back into the ring as Truth lies unconscious.

    The ref begins his count. 1...2...3...4...5...6...7... Truth gets to his feet...8...9.....He climbs back into the ring just in time! 

    Shocked, Henry angrily mauls Truth, connecting with lefts and rights. Mark goes for a back suplex, but Truth is able to elbow his way out of it before hitting a jumping calf kick. Henry staggers, yet manages to stay on his feet. Truth connects with another calf kick, but Henry refuse to go down.

    In desperation, Truth goes for an STO. He connects with it and makes the cover! 1...2...Kick Out just in time! 

    As Henry gets to his feet, Truth goes for Lil' Jimmy, but Mark catches him and hits a pendulum backbreaker, followed by a sidewalk slam. Henry bounces of the ropes and attempts a running splash, but Truth quickly rolls out of the way, causing Mark to crash and burn. Truth then tags in Booker who attempts his patented Scissor Kick, but Henry catches him and nails an electric chair slain. He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Henry angrily trudges over to his partner and makes the tag. A.W. connects with a huge spine buster on Booker, sending him smashing into the canvas. In full control, Abe stops a moment to taunt the fans. The arena fills with boos as Washington cracks a wicked grin. He then climbs up to the top rope, before flying off with a flying crossbody. However, Booker rolls through it and makes the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Both men get up at the same time, but Booker takes control with a spinning wheel kick. When Abe gets to his feet, Booker goes for a Super Kick, but Abe is able to duck out of the way before hitting a running elbow. With Booker still down, Abe connects with repeated elbow drops, nailing each one to perfection. When Booker gets up, Abe hits his finishing move, Thunderstruck (arm trap spinning neckbreaker.) Instead of making the cover, Washington locks in a single legged boston crab. Truth tries interfering, but Henry stops him with a running crossbody. Stuck in the middle of the ring, Booker has no choice but to tap out. 


    Abe and Henry celebrate momentarily, but things get much more serious as Mark grabs a mic. 

    Mark: Tonight was another example of our sheer dominance. Nobody can stop us, and that includes the Hart Dynasty. You see, we still are the No. 1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles and we will finally get our opportunity on Raw's 1000th episode. Let tonight act as a warning for Tyson and David! 

    Henry and Abe leave the ring together, both holding extremely serious expressions.

Promo: Ted DibIase Comes Down to the Ring

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    Ted comes out to a major pop as he happily shows off his Money in the Bank briefcase. He strolls down to the ring before grabbing a mic. 

    Ted: For years, I've been attempting to follow in my father's footsteps. I even recreated the Million Dollar Championship and hired Virgil. But the day I joined Monday Night Raw, it hit me. I am not my dad, and I never will be. I am my own damn man! And at Money in the Bank, I proved it as I walked out Mr. Money in the Bank! Now, it is just a matter of time before I become your World Champion!  

    Wade Barrett's music hits and he comes down to the ring with a mic. 

    Wade: Ha! Ted, you have proved once again that you are nothing more than an ignorant, moronic imbecile. Even if you cash in your briefcase successfully, you won't last a full month with the strap. That briefcase makes you nothing more than a fake, paper champion. 

    Ted: A paper champ? Really? So you are telling me that guys like CM Punk, Edge, and Bryan Danielson were paper champions? I fought, and defeated seven other men to walk out victorious. I earned every bit of this, and am proud of it. 

    Wade: Please! When CM Punk was in that match, he had to outlast men such as Shelton Benjamin and even Christian. He earned it. All you did was beat down on a couple of rookies. 

    Ted: Rookies? Since when were Kane and Mark Henry considered rookies? They are both former World Champions. 

    Wade: Listen, no matter how you look at it, it is obvious that if I was in the match, it would just be a matter of time before I unhooked the briefcase. I deserve that opportunity way more than you, and I'm insulted that you are even allowed to carry that thing around. 

    Barrett starts eying the briefcase and walks backstage.

Match 2: Mason Ryan vs. Primo Cólon

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    Mason comes out first to some pretty decent heat. Ryan is flanked by his mentor Will Regal. He is followed by Primo, who is accompanied by his tag team partner, Epico. Ryan laughs at Primo who is visibly worried about going up against a dominant force like Mason. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins. 

    Mason is dominant from the get go, as he connects with a massive clothesline, followed up with a huge shoulder block. Ryan then bounces of the ropes and nails a running splash. He makes the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Ryan attempts a snap suplex, but Primo slips out of it before hitting a leg dropkick. With Mason on one knee, Colon ties full control with an enzuigiri. Instead of making a pin attempt, Primo hops up on the top turnbuckle. When Mason gets to his feet, Colon goes for a flying crossbody. However, Ryan catches him before hitting a fallaway slam.

    Mason then lifts Primo up and hits a belly to belly suplex, sending Primo crashing into the turnbuckle. With Primo sitting helplessly in the corner, Mason goes running and hits Colon's skull with a hard knee. Ryan continues to flat out dominate, as he picks Primo up and nails aside walk slam. He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Mason lifts Primo back up and attempts a powerslam, but Primo slips out the back of it. Colon then jumps off the ropes and hits a springboard tornado DDT out of nowhere! He makes the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Shocked, Primo attempts high risk yet again, making his way up to the top rope. When Ryan gets to his feet, Colon goes for a missile dropkick. He hits it, but smacks his head hard against the canvas on his way down. Both men struggle to get to their feet, as Will and Epico look on in anticipation. Primo gets up first, and goes for a one handed bull dog. However, Ryan pushes him way before hitting a spine buster! He makes the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Shocked, Regal stand up on the apron and begins arguing with the ref. The distraction is long enough for Epico to charge the ring and hit Ryan with a backstabber. He drags Primo onto Mason for the pin. However, the referee isn't paying attention. After about five seconds, the ref looks back towards the action and counts the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Primo's face tells the whole story as is is in disbelief. He tries lifting Ryan up, but Mason is way too heavy. Ryan takes control, as he hits a short-arm clothesline. Mason then grabs a hold of Colon and locks in a Camel Clutch. Primo yelps in pain, as Ryan is ruthless with the hold. Colon tries lifting Mason up on his back, but falls down hard after a failed attempt. With one final lunge, Primo is able to wrap his hand around the bottom rope and force a break. 

    Angry, Ryan lifts Colon up and hits a second spine buster. Completely unconscious, Primo is helpless as Mason grabs him and connects with a sit-out sideslam. He makes the cover.



    Mason celebrates for a few moments, but is interrupted as Gabriel charges the ring. Ryan attempts a clothesline but Justin ducks before hitting a Pele Kick. Regal pulls out a pair of brass knuckles, but he to misses with a punch. Justin quickly grabs a hold of Will and hits a tornado DDT. With both men down, Gabriel drags Regal on top of Mason before heading to the top rope. Justin then goes flying with a 450 Splash onto both men!

    The Capetown Werewolf celebrates with the fans before eventually walking back to the locker room, content with tonight's outcome. 

Promo: Randy Orton Backstage Interview

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    Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton. 

    Todd: Last night, you finally rid yourself of Sheamus, and now it seems you are back on track after a few tough losses. What do you plan to do next? 

    Randy: I have made it very clear what I plan to do. I want another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship! And I won't stop until I get my match! 

    Todd: Well, with Rollins still in need of his rematch, who would you rather face: Rollins or Lesnar? 

    Randy: It doesn't matter to me. Both men with suffer the same fate, an RKO followed up with a punt to the skull! It is m—

    Brock Lesnar interrupts the conversation and takes the mic from Todd. 

    Brock: In case you haven't realized, I'm Brock Lesnar. I'm not some glorified indy guy like the other wrestlers who have been trying to run my show. I can and will destroy anybody who wants a shot. So don't you think for a second that you can just stroll down to the ring and finish me off. If you honestly feel that way, you got another thing coming! 

    Randy: I can say and do whatever I want! You see, while you were gone, a lot of things happened. This is my show now!  

    Brock: That is where you're wrong. This WAS your show. I run Raw now. I'm the World Champ, and will be the World Champ for a very long time! 

    The two stare down momentarily before Lesnar cracks a smile and walks away. Orton's face is beat red as he glares at Brock in furious anger.

Match 3: Sheamus vs. Joe Hennig

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    Sheamus comes out first to some great heat. He is followed by Joe Hennig, who gets little reaction from the crowd. The Celtic Warrior is still angry about his loss to Orton, while Joe looks primed and ready to make a huge impact. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins!

    Hennig goes for a quick clothesline, but Sheamus ducks it and connects with a huge Irish Curse Backbreaker. Sheamus then tosses Joe into the corner and begins pounding his torso with shoulder thrusts. When Joe finally regains balance, he is sent down by a huge Irish hammer! He makes the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    In complete domination, Sheamus lifts Joe up and nails White Noise. Instead of making the cover, Sheamus backs up, planning to further the damage. When Joe gets up, The Celtic Warrior connects with a massive Brogue Kick. Still not content, Sheamus lifts his motionless opponent up and hits the Celtic Cross! He makes the pin.



    Although the match is finished, Sheamus doesn't stop the assault. He tosses Joe to the outside before pulling off the top of the announce table. With Hennig completely vulnerable, Sheamus hits another Celtic Cross, sending Joe straight through the announce table!! Medics immediately rush down to the ring in order to help Hennig out on a stretcher. 

    J.R.: My God! Sheamus has gone mad! 

    Jerry: Well, I think Joe is the one that's gone mad. He had no business being in the ring with Sheamus here tonight. If you ask me, he got exactly what he deserved.

Promo: Beth Phoenix and Natalya Are in the Ring

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    Beth and Natalya come down to the ring as they receive a pretty rough reaction. They are completely serious and both grab a mic. 

    Beth: We are sick and tired of barbie-like divas getting all the attention while we sit in the background. I am the Women's Champion, but divas like Kelly Kelly end up as the poster girls for what has become a drowning divas division. So we are here to save it. You sick slobs in the stands throw your money at women like Kelly Kelly, because she fits the definition of beautiful. Well, I am physically beautiful as well! I am powerful and dominant! It is time for Kelly Kelly, Rosa Mendez, and Alicia Fox to take a back seat! Nobody, and I mean nobody, will be able to stop us. We are the re—

    Kelly Kelly's music goes off and she comes out, flanked by Alicia Fox and Rosa Mendez. 

    Kelly: Did you ever think for a second that there is a reason you guys are drowning in obscurity? It's simple: You belong there! You guys aren't entertainment. This right here is entertainment! 

    She points to herself and the other two divas, which seems to amuse Beth. 

    Beth: What are you talking about? Do you realize how unintelligent you sound right now? There is an underlying statement that needs to be made here. None of you bring anything to table. We are dominant, and powerful. You three are weak and frail. There comes a time when you need to step aside and realize that there is change coming, and that time is now. 

    Kelly, Rosa, and Alicia are obviously not happy, but nonetheless strut back to the locker room. 

    J.R.: It looks like we may have seen a changing of the guard right here tonight! 

    Jerry: I would count out Kelly Kelly just yet. She has found a way to stay in the picture this far into her career, and I don't see things changing any time soon.

Match 4: Rob Van Dam vs. John Morrison

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    RVD comes out first to a pretty solid reaction, as he is returning to Raw for the first time since being sent to NXT. John Morrison is out next, and the crowd gives him a solid reaction. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. 

    John: Listen, I'd like to take this moment to address Drew McIntyre. Drew, I just want to you to know, that this is nothing personal. I'm not doing this because I have a grudge against you. With that said, Tiffany is no longer interested in you. She is in love with a new man. And that new man is me. So why don't you just cut your losses, back off, and focus on winning a match? 

    Morrison laughs before getting ready to fight. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins. JoMo immediately goes after Rob, connecting with a huge dropkick. When Van Dam gets up to his feet, Morrison hits a back suplex, sending RVD crashing to the mat. Rob gets up quickly, but is sent careening to the outside as JoMo hits a clothesline. RVD gets up quickly, but gets sent into the side of the announce table as John hits a suicide somersault plancha! Both men hit the table hard and aren't able to get up for quite some time. John gets to his feet first, and takes advantage of the opportunity. He grabs Van Dam by the hair and repeatedly smacks his face into the announce table before tossing him back into the ring. He goes for the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Morrison and Rob battle back and forth with punches, but Van Dam takes control with a kick to the gut, followed up with a leaping implant DDT. With John out of it, RVD goes running an attempts a springboard split-legged moonsault. He hits it and goes for the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Not stopping to argue, Rob pulls his opponent up and Irish whips him into the corner. Van Dam then does a rolling somersault towards JoMo before connects with a monkey flip. When Morrison gets up, RVD nails a double undertook facebuster. Instead of making the cover, Rob climbs out to the apron. As John gets back to his feet, Van Dam attempts a slingshot somersault senton. However, JoMo is able to tuck his knee, crushing Rob's torso. John takes advantage of his opponents miscue, lifting RVD up and hitting a well-executed Capoeira Kick! He goes for the win.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    When Rob stands, Morrison goes for a running crossbody, but Van Dam intercepts him with a Super Kick out of nowhere. In desperation. JoMo rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned. However, RVD doesn't wait, heading up to the top rope. When John turns around, Van Dam connects with a diving crossbody to the outside! RVD then goes running at JoMo, but Morrison hits a drop toe hold, sending Rob face first into the barricade! With his opponent completely unconscious, John drags RVD back into the ring and makes the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Angered that he couldn't finish the match, John jumps on top of RVD and begins throwing punch after punch. After a few moments, Morrison backs off before heading up to the top rope. However, RVD takes John's legs out from under him before he can pull off a move. Rob quickly climbs up to the top rope along with Morrison and hits a few punches before attempting a hurricanrana. He hits it, sending John flipping across the ring! He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out!  

    J.R.: How the hell did John kick out of that one? 

    Jerry: What a back and forth affair we have! Neither man can gain the advantage long enough to pull out a victory. 

    Rob gets up first, as he prepares for JoMo to stand. When John gets to his feet, RVD attempts a Super Kick, but John ducks out of the way before hitting a Pele Kick! With Van Dam down and out, Morrison hits his patented breakdancing leg drop. As Rob gets up, JoMo connects with a choke backbreaker, followed up with a Russian leg sweep. He makes another pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    RVD tries fighting back with a couple of rights, but they have little effect as John hits a roundhouse kick before nailing a belly to back wheelbarrow face buster. RVD is helpless as JoMo drags towards the corner, setting him up for Starship Pain. John attempts his finishing maneuver, but Rob is able to roll out of the way, sending Morrison crashing to the canvas. RVD takes advantage, as he hits a quick corkscrew leg drop. Rob doesn't stop there, nailing John with a spinning heel kick! Rob does his signature taunt as the crowd chants Rob Van Dam along with him. Van Dam then connects with his patented Rolling Thunder! He makes the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    RVD is visibly astonished, but doesn't stop to argue. Instead, he jumps up to the top rope and goes for 5 Star Frog Splash! However, he is once again sent crashing down as JoMo slides out of the way just in time. With RVD lying unconscious near the corner, JoMo takes another shot at Starship Pain. This time he hits it, before making the cover.



    John doesn't celebrate his victory alone, as Tiffany runs down the entrance ramp. The two share a kiss before leaving the ring. 

    J.R.: I can only imagine how this makes Drew feel! 

    Jerry: Who is Tiffany actually with? Talk about a two-timer!  

Promo: Alex Riley Comes Down to the Ring

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    Alex Riley is visibly frustrated as he comes out to a solid pop. He quickly climbs into the ring and grabs mic. 

    Alex: Listen, since day one I have said the same thing: You don't have to like me, but you sure as hell have to respect me. Say what you want about me, but I get the job done each and every night. You see, Shelton and I represent opposite ideas. I impose ruthless aggression, while he goes by the motto win at all costs. However, I have still found a way to respect what he has done for the industry, and I demand that same respect. Yet Shelton's ego has stopped him from admitting the progress I have made over the last few months. But this isn't about respect anymore. Shelton, you have made things personal! So when I finally get in the ring with you, I won't just defeat you. I will dominate you! I am sick and tired of being stuck in line while ignorant wannabes like you get to run all over me. At Money in the Bank, it finally comes to an end. I wi—

    Shelton's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring as he is pummeled with boos. 

    Shelton: Ha! You actually thing that you will dominate me? Listen, I'm the gold standard of professional wrestling. There is a reason I don't respect you: you don't deserve it! You come out here and claim you have backed up what you've said, but in reality, you beat down on a couple of nobodies. So you are right, at Money in the Bank it will finally end, because I will beat your ass across every inch of that ring until you finally understand that you don't belong in the same ring as guys like myself. No matter how hard you try to make this personal, it just simply isn't. I don't have any grudge against you. I'm fighting you for one reason: To put you back in your place. But why wait for Money in the Bank? Why not get this started right here, right now? 

    Shelton throws a smack at the face of Riley before sliding out of the ring. Alex attempts to chase him, but Benjamin is able to escape his grasp. Shelton heads up the entrance ramp smiling while Riley looks on in pure rage.

Match 5: Great Khali vs. Rey Mysterio

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    Khali comes out first and receives a mix of boos and cheers. He is followed by Mysterio, who is still suffering the effects of his match against Wade Barrett. 

    J.R.: King, it doesn't look like Rey is in any shape to compete. After being put through a table at the hands of Wade Barrett, I'm surprised he isn't taking any time off. 

    Jerry: It's Rey Mysterio! His "never say die" attitude is on display once again as he goes up against the gargantuan Great Khali! 

    The Great Khali seems amused as Mysterio struggles through the pain on his way into the ring. Nonetheless, Rey looks ready to go. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins. 

    Khali gets off to a quick start, as he hits a big boot to the skull of Rey. When Mysterio gets back up, Khali attempts a power slam, but Rey slips out before hitting an inverted DDT. Mysterio gets to his feet and connects with a hurricanrana on the reeling Khali. The Great Khali attempts to get up, but is sent down hard as Mysterio hits him in the side of the head with a hard drop kick. He makes the early pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Mysterio quickly runs to onto the apron, before attempting a springboard crossbody. However, Khali catches him and hits a fallaway slam, sending Rey tumbling across the ring. Mysterio tries getting up, but Khali digs his foot into Rey's mask, crushing his skull. With Mysterio down, Khali stands on his gut, pushing all of his weight down on the smaller opponent. Rey gets up in the corner, but is seemingly trapped as Khali connects with multiple slaps to the chest of Mysterio. Khali then lifts Rey up onto the top ropes and attempts a superplex, but Mysterio is able to slip out and connect with a few punches. Khali is staggering as Rey goes flying and connects with a huge sunset flip! He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Khali attempts to stand, but Rey nails a leg drop kick, followed up with a step-up enzuigiri. The Great Khali is completely out of it as Rey quickly works his way up to the top rope. When Khali gets up, Rey goes for a diving clothesline, and connects! In complete control, Mysterio nails a perfect springboard moonsault! He goes for the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out!! 

    Rey can't believe it as he struggles through the pain the get back up. He tries lifting Khali up, but is pushed to the ground by the much stronger opponent. Khali quickly turns the tables, hitting his patented brain chop! Mysterio is unconscious as Khali bounces off the ropes and hits a standing leg drop. He makes the cover. 1...2...Kick Out!

    Mysterio tries getting back up, but is instead hit with a huge kick to the torso from Khali. The self-proclaimed "Punjabi Playboy" continues to dominate as he connects with a huge vertical suplex. He makes the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    The Great Khali to lock in the Vice Grip, but Mysterio immediately slips out. Khali then goes running at Mysterio, but is hit with a drop toe hold landing himself on the second rope. Set up perfectly for the 619, Rey goes for it, but Khali catches his feet and tosses him back into the ring. When Mysterio gets up, Khali hits a huge spin kick before making another cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Khali is visibly frustrated as he lifts Mysterio up. Rey attempts fighting back, but is caught by yet another Brain Chop. Attempting to finish it off, Khali wraps his massive hands around Mysterio's neck. He goes for the Punjabi Plunge, but Rey reverses it with a hurricanrana in mid-air, sending Khali back onto the second rope! In desperation, Rey attempts 619, and he connects! After hitting a huge springboard splash, he goes for the pin.



Promo: Vince McMahon Is in His Office

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    Bo and Harris quickly run into Vince's office with huge smiles on their face. After seeing who entered, Vince rolls his eyes and tries to pretend he doesn't even notice them. 

    Bo: Vince, we would just like to thank you once again for this great opportunity. We underst—

    Vince: Ah please. Give me a freakin break! It's been one week and I've already had enough of your ass-kissing. Now shut up and get out of my office! 

    Husky: No problem sir. Whatever you'd like. Just remember, if you got a job that needs to be done, we will do it at the cl—

    Vince: You want to do me a favor? How about this: Next week, you two will square off against the Hart Dynasty. I want you guys to weaken them for Dark Thunder in their championship match. Can you do that for me? 

    Bo: You got it. Like Husky said, we will do whatever you ask us to do. We are always here if yo—

    Vince: Just get the hell out! 

    Husky and Rotundo quickly scramble out of his office before things can get heated.

Main Event: Kassius Ohno vs. Seth Rollins

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    Kassius comes out first to some decent heat. It is obvious by his expression that he isn't exactly excited for tonight's match. He is followed by the former World Champ, who gets another great pop from the fans in attendance. He looks ready to go as he gets in the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the match begins. 

    Rollins immediately goes on the attack, hitting Ohno with repeated elbow strikes. Kassius tries escaping the ring, but Rollins pulls him back in by his feet before nailing a standing elbow drop. He makes the quick cover.

    1...Kick Out! 

    Seth bounces off the ropes and attempts a standing shooting star press, but Kassius quick slides out of the way. Looking to swing the momentum, Ohno grabs a hold of Seth and nails a huge cravat leg sweep! Kassius quickly takes complete control as he hits a Mafia Kick, sending Rollins across the ring. He goes for the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Seth is still down as Kassius backs up before nailing a backward roll senton. With momentum in his favor, Ohno is able to hits a huge hammerlock suplex! Rollins gets back to his feet, but is sent down hard as Kassius connects with a cravat suplex! Instead of going for the pin attempt, Kassius is able to lock  in the painful inverted Indian Death Lock! Rollins screams out in pure pain as Ohno is relentless with the submission maneuver. Just seconds away from giving in, Seth is somehow able to grab the bottom rope, forcing the hold to break!  

    Kassius can't believe it, but nonetheless continues to dominate. When Rollins gets up, Ohno nails a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. With Seth down, Ohno hustles out to the apron. With Rollins still out of it, Kassius goes for a springboard senton. However, Seth rolls out of the way just in time, causing Ohno to crash and burn. Both men get up at the same time, but Rollins is able to swing the momentum in his favor with a belly to back complete shot! He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Kassius gets up to his feet, but is immediately sent back down to the canvas as Seth hits a huge reverse STO! Instead of making the cover, Rollins lifts Ohno back up before nailing a release german suplex. He goes for the pin attempt.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Ohno gets up and runs at Rollins, but Seth catches him and connects with a reverse belly-to-belly face buster! As Kassius gets back up, Seth attempts a DDT, but Ohno reverses it into a bridging northern lights suplex into a pin attempt!

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    As Seth gets up to his feet, Kassius goes for a clothesline, but is instead set to the outside as Rollins nails a perfect back body drop. Seth then follows it up big, as he goes flying through the ropes, nailing a suicide dive onto Ohno! Rollins doesn't stop there, as he lifts Kassius back up and irish whips him face first into the steel steps. He rolls back into the ring as the ref begins his count of Ohno.

    1...2...3...4...5...6...7...Ohno struggles to his feet...8...9...he climbs back into the ring! 

    Rollins is in complete shock and begins arguing with the referee on his count. Kassius is able to take advantage of his opponent's distraction, rolling him up in a school boy pin!

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Both men get to their feet at the same time, but Seth is able to quickly take the advantage as he hits a kick to the gut followed up with a hard swinging neckbreaker. Rollins doesn't stop their as he runs up to the top rope. With Kassius still down, Seth goes for a diving moonsault, and connects! He makes the cover.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Seth continues his quick work, as he lifts Ohno up and goes for an arm drag. However, Kassius is able to hold his ground before nailing a short-arm clothesline. He then lifts Rollins up and hits an arm and legger, driving Rollins into the ground. Seth struggles to his feet, but it doesn't last long as Kassius hits a cyclone kill kick! He makes the pin.

    1...2...Kick Out! 

    Ohno prepares to finish it of as he locks in a reverse headlock and tries hitting Death is Welcome! However, Seth is somehow able to kick his foot up in the air and connect perfectly to the forehead of Ohno! Kassius drops to the mat unconscious as Rollins scrambles to his feet. When Ohno gets up to his knees, he is hit with Avada Kedavra! Seth makes the cover.



    Rollins lies in the middle of the ring, still in pain after a grueling matchup. After coming to his senses, Seth manages to crack a smile and celebrate. However, his celebration is cut short and Lesnar charges the ring and nails a nasty spear! Brock isn't done there though.

    He quickly lifts Rollins up and hits an F-5! With Seth unconscious, Brock picks up his title and holds it in the air as the arena fills with boos The show ends with Brock holding the title while standing over the unconscious Seth Rollins.  

    That's All She Wrote!


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    And that's our show! Tell me if you liked it by leaving a comment with a rating of the show (one to 10). Just as a recap, this was the card:

    1. Dark Thunder def. R Truth and Booker T

    2. Mason Ryan def. Primo

    3. Sheamus def. Joe Hennig

    4. John Morrison def. Rob Van Dam

    5. Rey Mysterio def. The Great Khali

    6. Seth Rollins def. Kassius Ohno

    Tune in Monday night for Monday Night Raw and on Frida for Smackdown.

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