Cole Hamels and 3 Pitchers the Toronto Blue Jays Need to Contend

Patrick Hao@@patrickhao7Contributor IIIJuly 4, 2012

Cole Hamels and 3 Pitchers the Toronto Blue Jays Need to Contend

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    The season is halfway done, and the Blue Jays are within striking distance of the second wild card spot.

    The Blue Jays are only 2.5 games behind the Baltimore Orioles, a team that has been on the decline since their amazing start to the season.

    While the Blue Jays offense is that of a postseason contender, there's something that just hasn't been up to par.

    Riddled with injuries and poor performances, their pitching needs the most help.

    Will Alex Anthopoulos trade away some of his beloved farm to acquire said pitching?

    Here's a few of my suggestions.

Honorable Mentions

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    Matt Garza

    Theo Epstein has been dangling Garza around for a while, and he is expecting way too much in return for a slightly above average pitcher.

    With no career awards and a career ERA around four, Epstein is looking for a prospect package that is normally reserved for aces.

    Garza is not an ace.


    Cole Hamels

    With free agency looming and Philadelphia slowly retreating from contention, Hamels is a prime target for many teams that need pitching help.

    Hamels will command a package similar to that of the Roy Halladay trade.

    Trading prospects back to Philadelphia just seem counter-intuitive to what Anthopolos is planning with the team.


    Wandy Rodriguez

    Wandy Rodriguez is being owed $23 million over 2012 to 2013.

    Is he worth that?

    Absolutely not. People have suggested that the Houston Astros would eat most of Rodriguez's contract, but that would mean more prospects would be required.

    He's not worth those prospects either.

Brandon McCarthy

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    McCarthy has the pitches and the command of a top three starter.

    Ever since he started to use a cutter beginning the 2011 season, all of his stats improved—that includes a 1.50 point drop in McCarthy's ERA.

    McCarthy will require the use of one or two top prospects, but in my eyes, he will be worth it—what with a body and pitch repertoire similar to Roy Halladay.

    He is not a free agent until 2014, giving the Blue Jays almost two years of Brandon McCarthy in his prime.

Jason Vargas

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    Jason Vargas has had similar performances to that of Matt Garza but is going to command a much less intensive prospect package.

    He has thrown approximately 200 innings the past two seasons and is a workhorse that can eat up innings, exactly what the Blue Jays need right now.

    All that might be required to get Vargas? Maybe just a power bat and a three-star prospect—say Adam Lind and Danny Barnes?

Jeff Francis

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    This selection is based purely on the fact that Jeff Francis is Canadian.

    Jeff Francis has had injuries galore in the past, coupled with average or below-average performances. This makes his stock near the bottom of the pack.

    This creates a buy-low, high-risk scenario that might be worth taking with all the starters that have gone down in the recent past.

    Perhaps playing for Canada's only Major League Baseball team will ignite a flame inside him that lasts three months to the end of the season and maybe into the postseason.