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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Full First Round Studs and Duds Predictions

Matt FitzgeraldCorrespondent IIISeptember 5, 2016

2013 NFL Mock Draft: Full First Round Studs and Duds Predictions

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    It's three weeks before NFL training camp and you know what that means: it's time for a 2013 mock draft!

    The most interesting aspect of the pending draft: tons of highly-touted quarterback prospects, but not many teams that are desperate at the position.

    Brace for a storm of wild speculation on the upcoming season, the states of each franchise entering the 2013 offseason, and what the prospects of next year's class ultimately have to offer.

    Jumping into a time machine, with hypothetical understandings of how the 2012 college football and NFL seasons played out, here are my predictions for the studs and duds of the 2013 NFL Draft.

1. Jacksonville Jaguars: Matt Barkley, QB, USC

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    Despite a revamped receiving corps with free agent Laurent Robinson and No. 5 overall pick Justin Blackmon, second-year quarterback Blaine Gabbert couldn’t get it done again in 2012.

    Couple that with a surprisingly competitive division, and the Jags have wound up with the first pick in the 2012 draft.

    There is only one acceptable answer: Southern California boy, Matt Barkley.

    Hailed as the next big thing ever since his high school days at Mater Dei, Barkley finally flashed the elite potential everyone expected as a junior at USC.

    Despite two very impressive college seasons, Barkley is not the answer in Jacksonville.

    The Jaguars officially end the Gabbert Era. Head coach Mike Mularkey feels no allegiance toward him because he wasn’t there when Gabbert was drafted.

2. Minnesota Vikings: Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    With the Williams brothers aging, the sure-fire wall that once occupied the middle of the field and discouraged opponents to run has finally leaked some oil.

    Minnesota has other problems, such as a disgruntled top target in Percy Harvin and a huge question mark in second-year QB Christian Ponder, who didn’t improve drastically.

    There are a lot of needs across the board, but if you can’t stop the run in the NFL, you can’t win.

    Enter Star Lotulelei. He is a beast who will demand a double-team immediately and can also put pressure on the quarterback.

    This will alleviate some burden on disgruntled veteran Jared Allen, who has had to weather some horrific seasons the past two years.

    Lotulelei has a chance to be a Ndamukong Suh-type player with his combination of athleticism and power, and should make an immediate impact and shore up a shoddy interior defensive line for the Vikings in 2013.

3. Cleveland Browns: Robert Woods, WR, USC

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Due to a tough schedule against the NFC East on top of playing in the most difficult division in football, the Browns make improvements in 2012 but still struggle to a dismal record.

    Greg Little starts off the season hot, but can’t maintain the exceptional play as the Browns have no viable No. 2 option at receiver for rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden.

    The 28-year-old gunslinger gave Browns fans hope and put points on the board at times, but often forced throws into tight coverage due to poor separation by his receivers late in the season.

    Woods, who was Barkley’s top target at USC, caught 111 balls as a junior and followed it up with a respectable senior season, clearly establishing himself as the top receiver in this draft.

    The Browns finally get their clear elite receiver, who will either fill in at No. 2 right away or even supplant Little at No. 1 on the depth chart.

4. Arizona Cardinals: Logan Thomas, QB Virginia Tech

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    After a mediocre season in which the defense played well but the offense didn’t, the Cardinals trade up with the Miami Dolphins to No. 4 overall to grab Logan Thomas.

    The Dolphins may have been wise to take Thomas, but like their chances moving forward with Ryan Tannehill, who only managed third-string status for most of 2012.

    Kevin Kolb and John Skelton were both adequate throwing it up to Larry Fitzgerald, but neither had the accuracy nor the good decision-making to prove themselves viable franchise quarterbacks.

    Thomas' stock rose more than any other quarterback throughout the college football season. Concerns were put to rest about his lack of experience at the position in a Heisman-caliber junior season at Virgina Tech.

    The 6'6", 254-pound quarterback with remarkable athleticism draws similar comparisons to Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton, who was equally physically gifted and allegedly just as raw coming out of college.

    Thomas is out to prove doubters wrong, and has a viable supporting cast to start from Week 1 in 2013. Fitzgerald finally has a quarterback who can capitalize on his talents as he nears the end of his career.

5. St. Louis Rams: Sam Montgomery, DE/OLB LSU

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Even though Sam Bradford saw improvement thanks to the addition of a formidable top target in second-round draft pick Brian Quick, the defense was the big letdown of the season for the Rams.

    Robert Quinn and Chris Long haven’t formed the dynamic pass rush duo the franchise expected. The linebacker corps is also thin, with James Laurinaitis being the only true impact player.

    With a top-five selection, the Rams take Montgomery, arguably the most versatile player on the top college defense of the past two seasons at LSU.

6. Kansas City Chiefs: Tyler Wilson, QB Arkansas

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Matt Cassel has a difficult 2012 campaign, playing in a division where he is the worst quarterback, despite not being that bad of a player.

    Unfortunately, the Chiefs’ passing attack isn’t good enough to stop teams from strongly keying in on the run.

    Without a good backup runner to spell Jamaal Charles, the offense sputters. As a result, the defense is on the field too long, and the Chiefs are shredded on their way to last in the AFC West.

    With Cassel having two years left on his contract, the Chiefs go big and draft Wilson as their heir-apparent signal-caller.

    The Chiefs brought in Brady Quinn the previous offseason to push Cassel, but the selection of the Arkansas quarterback at No. 6 overall will definitely catch Cassel’s attention.

    Wilson will have time to sit and develop while Cassel plays out the final two years of his deal. At that point, or possibly before, Wilson will enter the fold as the starter and give the team an upgrade at the game’s most important position.

7. Seattle Seahawks: Keenan Allen, WR California

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    Although seemingly improving the 2012 roster through the draft, the Seahawks struggle to a rough season.

    Division foes simply were better, as the San Francisco 49ers added playmakers on offense and kept a stalwart defense intact and the Arizona Cardinals had a decent year despite instability at quarterback.

    Speaking of which, the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn, who would go on to have a mediocre season as the team’s starter in 2012.

    With no standout ability to run or throw, the Seahawks struggled and couldn’t put enough points on the board.

    Second-year quarterback Russell Wilson will challenge incumbent starter Flynn for the job in camp in 2013, and will have a clearer No. 1 receiver aside from Doug Baldwin and Mike Williams.

    Allen will struggle, however, regardless of who throws the ball to him in 2013, which will likely signal the end of Pete Carroll's reign as head coach.

8. Oakland Raiders: Johnathan Hankins, DT Ohio State

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    While Carson Palmer showed he still has something left in the tank, the Raiders couldn’t stop a nosebleed on defense and got picked to pieces by division rival QBs Peyton Manning and Philip Rivers.

    Thanks to no draft picks before Round 3 in 2012, the Raiders couldn’t get much help on that side of the ball.

    After ranking in the bottom five in every major defensive category for the second year in a row, the Raiders finally address their glaring issue with one of the most dominant defensive players in the draft.

    Johnathan Hankins improves the defense immediately, but a disinterested Richard Seymour doesn't provide the mentorship crucial for Hankins's development.

    It's still another year before the Raiders are able to contend in the AFC West, and Hankins' lack of true impact hampers this draft for the Silver and Black.

9. St. Louis Rams: Barrett Jones, OG Alabama

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban is renowned for preparing college players for the NFL, and Barrett Jones will be no exception.

    He has plenty of versatility to fill any need the Rams have in the offensive line, which needs help due to the poor play of former No. 2 overall pick Jason Smith.

    The enhanced protection for Sam Bradford will allow more time to get the ball to playmakers, and open things up for workhorse Steven Jackson.

    Scat back Isaiah Pead, who struggled behind shoddy run blocking in 2012 but was a viable receiver out of the backfield and a safety valve for Bradford on third downs.

10. Indianapolis Colts: Jarvis Jones, OLB Georgia

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    A first-team All-SEC player in 2011, Jarvis Jones will start immediately for the thinnest unit on the Colts' roster.

    Pat Angerer will finally have some help on the second level against the run, and Jones can also provide dynamic pass-rushing ability to go with elite defensive ends Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney.

    Jones will give the Colts' defense a much-needed jolt, and help them improve in every major category in 2013 as Andrew Luck looks to lead the squad to its first division title since the Peyton Manning Era.

11. Tennessee Titans: David Amerson, CB North Carolina State

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    After Jake Locker took the starting quarterback job in the middle of the season with mixed results, the Titans have wound up just outside the top 10 in the draft.

    David Amerson is a top prospect who will look to fill in what the Titans so desperately missed in their first season without Pro Bowl cornerback Cortland Finnegan.

    With a 6'3" frame and a similarly physical style to Finnegan, Titans fans will be happy that the franchise grabbed the 2013 draft's top cornerback prospect.

    While speed may be a concern according to his scouting report, Amerson has the NFL body to hold up top divisional targets at the line of scrimmage.

    He will need to, as he's going to be facing the likes of Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, and Justin Blackmon on a regular basis.

12. New York Jets: TJ McDonald, FS USC

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    As can be discerned from the contents of the video above, McDonald has the Hard Knocks-friendly personality that Jets coach Rex Ryan and the city of New York covets.

    He also fills a huge need in the secondary.

    With McDonald in the fold, the Jets finally have a reliable player on the last line of defense other than Eric Smith.

    McDonald is also very physical, another attractive trait for the Jets' defense, and can help further fortify where the Jets struggle most on defense against the run.

13. Buffalo Bills: Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    An historically star-crossed franchise drafting at No. 13. What's the worst that could happen?

    Sean Porter isn't quite Von Miller 2.0, but he still brings a lot to the table.

    The Bills struggle on offense due to inept play by Ryan Fitzpatrick, but the QB situation is settled when Vince Young steps in during the second half of 2012 and enters the coming season as the starter.

    With the Bills strapped at investing in a quarterback again, they take Porter in hopes of shoring up the run defense and improving their man-to-man coverage.

    It's a lot to ask for Porter, who is still a raw player and didn't adjust well to the new 4-3 scheme at Texas A&M, which is the scheme run in Buffalo.

    If Porter is able to adjust at the pro level, he might have success. This is more of a project pick, which the Bills may trade out to pick up better value later in the draft.

14. Miami Dolphins: Jackson Jeffcoat, DE Texas

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    As the No. 1 overall college prospect, Jackson Jeffcoat hasn't overwhelmingly impressed at Texas. Still, he warrants a first-round pick based on talent alone.

    This pick will show whether Jeffcoat can handle the NFL level as handily as he has the rest of his football career.

    It's likely that if any non-QB prospect will experience the biggest learning curve from college to the pros in the first round, it's Jeffcoat.

    His father, Greg, was an NFL defensive end himself, and has been instrumental to Jackson's growth to this point.

    This could end up being the defensive version of Reggie Bush. Jeffcoat may develop later in his career, but he will be seen as a bust considering his talent and where he's drafted.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Luke Joeckel, OT Texas A&M

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    It's easy to overlook offensive linemen, but Luke Joeckel was a huge reaosn that A&M QB Ryan Tannehill was a first-round draft pick in 2012. He protected the quarterback's blindside.

    Now, Joeckel will look to provide an athletic, versatile lineman to bolster the struggling running game and protect QB Josh Freeman a little better.

    Greg Schiano provided a much-needed lift to the Bucs organization, but too many pieces were added in free agency to totally gel together and the defense was a little lackluster.

    Schiano is a defensive-minded coach, and will work with what he has. That makes the offensive line a priority in the 2013 draft, with so many skill players already on the Bucs roster.

16. Chicago Bears: Barkevious Mingo, DE/OLB LSU

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    Probably the coolest name of any player ever, but Mingo will not be the answer to the Bears' woes.

    While the offense flew high in 2012 thanks to Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall reuniting, the defense struggled a bit due to the aging of linebackers Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs.

    Mingo is picked here to attempt to add depth to the linebacker corps, since he isn't big enough to be an NFL defensive end.

    His college production was more dependent on an unbelievable LSU defense—especially in the secondary—than his individual skills.

    Mingo's eight sacks in 2011 were more thanks to an incredible secondary and other complementary players who gave him time to get to the quarterback.

    Still, Mingo has first-round talent that head coach Lovie Smith will look to mold, and he can hopefully learn from the veteran linebackers on the roster and become a stellar pro.

17. Atlanta Falcons: Manti Te’o, ILB, Notre Dame

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    The savvy Notre Dame player will provide stability to a position that the Falcons badly miss production from in 2012.

    The franchise suffered in 2012 from lackluster QB play from Matt Ryan despite an incredible arsenal of weapons.

    The biggest difference, however, was the defense. The unit suffered due to the loss of Curtis Lofton at middle linebacker, and Akeem Dent didn't quite cut it.

    Enter Manti Te'o, who raised eyebrows by returning for his senior season for the Fighting Irish.

    According to his scouting report at CBS Sports, Te'o has a high football IQ and led the Irish in tackles for two years, and that trend should continue in his senior season.

    The Falcons defense was gashed due to the loss of Lofton, and Te'o brings similar versatility, range and football smarts to be the anchor of the unit for years to come.

18. Cincinnati Bengals: Marcus Lattimore, RB South Carolina

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    The running back-by-committee situation didn't work out for the Bengals as well as they'd hoped in 2012.

    Without a Tom Brady-led passing game, newly acquired BenJarvus Green-Ellis struggled to get the ground game going and Bernard Scott provided his usual lackluster production as the No. 2 back.

    Due to one of the NFL's shakiest ground games, the Bengals go for Marcus Lattimore, an electrifying back who has had a wonderful career at the University of South Carolina.

    Unfortunately, as talented as Lattimore is, he took a pounding as the primary target for SEC defenses in his three-year college career and suffered a torn ACL and MCL as a sophomore.

    This could be Cadillac Williams, Part Two.

    Lattimore may start off his pro career well, but the mileage he's logged at such a young age will catch up to him sooner rather than later, especially in today's NFL.

19. New Orleans Saints: Taylor Lewan, OT, Michigan

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Poor Saints. The Bountygate scandal cost their starting middle linebacker the entire 2012 season, and the loss of wide receiver Robert Meachem and Carl Nicks on the offensive line hurt the unit.

    Even still, Drew Brees managed to nearly lead the Saints to the playoffs despite all the turmoil surrounding the team in 2012.

    Without Nicks, the ground game struggled and Darren Sproles wasn't his usual self. Neither was Brees, who had to force more passes without a formidable No. 2 receiver in Meachem.

    The Saints fortify their line here with U of M's Taylor Lewan.

    The defense should pick up with Vilma's return in 2013, and the usually well-oiled machine of the Saints' offense depends on premium protection to drive the team's success.

20. Dallas Cowboys: Travis Frederick, OG, Wisconsin

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    With Tyson Smith and Doug Free as solid bookends on the offensive line, the Cowboys fortify the interior by taking Wisconsin's Travis Frederick.

    The guard is 6'4", 330 lbs and athletic for his size. He will help a struggling Cowboys run game improve after a down season by DeMarco Murray and a successful but limited role for former first round pick Felix Jones in 2012.

    It's only a matter of time before the Cowboys put it all together, as the defense will finally catch on to Rob Ryan's complex scheme and Morris Claiborne will make a big leap in 2013.

    Dallas will be discussed as Super Bowl favorites after the draft.

21. Denver Broncos: Eric Reid, FS LSU

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    A second-team All-American in 2011, Eric Reid managed to stand out even among extremely talented players such as top-five pick Morris Claiborne and Tyrann Mathieu.

    In 2012, it's Reid's chance to shine in the college football season and he puts on a marvelous display.

    However, his 4.59 40 time doesn't improve and it drops his draft stock a little bit. The Denver Broncos gladly snatch him up at No. 21.

    While the Broncos still made the playoffs due to Peyton Manning in 2012, they struggled again defensively and sorely missed the leadership of Brian Dawkins, who retired after the 2011 season.

    Reid will provide the leadership on the back end and make an impact right away as a starter for Denver, and will turn the Broncos from playoff team to Super Bowl contender in 2013.

22. Carolina Panthers: Xavier Rhodes, CB Florida State

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Chris Gamble and surprise rookie Josh Norman help the Panthers' secondary enough to win the NFC South and make the playoffs in 2012.

    The team elects to bolster that area of the defense by selecting Xavier Rhodes in the first round.

    While head coach Ron Rivera is a great defensive mind, Rhodes will not step in and become an immediate starter in the NFL.

    Utilizing his fantastic size at 6'2", 215 lbs, though, Rhodes will play nickelback and be able to support the run in addition to jamming other teams' explosive slot receivers.

    This will allow Rivera to get creative with the scheme and throw tons of incredible blitzes at opposing quarterbacks.

    With three physical corners that may have the best ball skills of any unit in the NFL with Rhodes in the fold, expect the Panthers to make another playoff run in 2013.

23. Baltimore Ravens: Tyler Bray, QB Tennessee

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    With Joe Flacco once again proving he can’t cut it as a franchise quarterback, the Ravens have to go fishing for the guy they’re missing in making a Super Bowl run.

    Tennessee’s Tyler Bray has weathered tough competition throughout his college career, something Flacco couldn’t lay claim to in college.

    Possessing many similar traits, Bray looks to prove himself right away as a rookie starter. Flacco will have to look for work elsewhere as an NFL starter since he was given the keys to a Ferrari and couldn’t cash in with a Super Bowl ring.

    The Ravens, with their aging defense, are now a year or two away from competing again for a Super Bowl because they had the wrong guy at quarterback all along.

    Bray may not be the answer, but taking a flier on a talented player with a cannon arm and good size at the end of the first round isn’t such a bad investment, value-wise.

24. New York Giants: Shayne Skov, ILB, Stanford

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Chase Blackburn made a famous interception in Super Bowl XLVI, but the Giants need more of a sure-thing starter than a player who was substitute teaching until late in the 2011 season.

    Shayne Skov is a smart player coming from a wonderful program established by former head coach Jim Harbaugh.

    After a knee injury forced Skov to miss most of 2011 and his February 2012 DUI got him suspended for the opening game of his senior season, Skov went off and solidified his status as a projected first-round pick.

    The Giants get a steal and fill a gigantic need, pegging Skov as a Week 1 rookie starter in 2013.

25. Philadelphia Eagles: Montee Ball, RB, Wisconsin

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Montee Ball had a nose for the endzone at Wisconsin, scoring 39 total touchdowns in his junior season.

    The Eagles need a running back to add depth and give superstar LeSean McCoy a breather every now and then.

    With the ability to also catch the ball out of the backfield, Ball is an ideal fit for a backup running back in the West Coast offense run by the Eagles. He also provides a lot of power to compliment McCoy's shifty style.

    Look for the Eagles' one-two punch of Ball and McCoy to alleviate pressure on Michael Vick to take off running as much and give the Eagles a better chance of holding on to their $100 million QB for his whole contract.

26. Houston Texans: Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    In 2011, Tyler Eifert was an All-American as a sophomore and comes into the draft after a stellar 2012 season considered slightly more pro-ready than his UCLA counterpart Joseph Fauria.

    The Texans once again fall short in 2012 for whatever reason, even though Matt Schaub stays healthy the entire year.

    After losing Joel Dreessen to the Denver Broncos and getting less production out of Owen Daniels than usual, the Texans don't have many other holes to fill and go with Eifert at No. 26.

    While he still has to develop his all-around game outside of pass-catching at the pro level, Eifert becomes the starter halfway through the 2013 season and helps the Texans gear up for another deep playoff run.

27. Green Bay Packers: Ray-Ray Armstrong, SS, Miami (FL)

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    The Packers need safety help, as the defense ailed in 2012 from letting Pro Bowler Nick Collins go and from the erratic, over-aggressive play of others in the defensive backfield.

    Ray-Ray Armstrong is 6'4", 215 lbs, and provides unbelievable size to go with sub-4.5 speed in the 40-yard dash.

    Such an immensely talented player could plug right into Dom Capers's defensive scheme and make an impact right away.

    That is not going to be the case for Armstrong, because he has been a largely disappointing college player after being a high school All-American.

    Armstrong redeems himself from a dismal 2011 campaign as a first-round talent with a solid senior season at the U in 2012.

    It won't translate to instant success at the pro level, though, and Armstrong will have to really work at it to get a grasp of Capers' complex play calls.

28. Pittsburgh Steelers: Casey Pachall, QB TCU

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    It won’t be long until QB Ben Roethlisberger is overwhelmed by all the punishment he takes, least of which having multiple concussions.

    Some considered Big Ben a reach out of Miami (Ohio), and Pachall doesn’t come from a big-conference football school either. However, the TCU quarterback looks like Andy Dalton 2.0.

    Pachall is 6’5” and has plenty more room to grow into his 215-pound frame.

    There are no questions about his arm strength and, amazingly, the AFC North will have two starting quarterbacks from the same school competing against each other in years to come.

29. San Diego Chargers: Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State

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    STUD/DUD projection: DUD

    The Chargers are concerned about losing Malcom Floyd to free agency and don't like the lack of size Cal's Tavon Austin presents.

    General manager A.J. Smith decides to draft Marquess Wilson to add depth to the receiving corps along with Vincent Brown and Robert Meachem, in case Floyd leaves town.

    After a stellar playoff run to the AFC Championship Game, though, Floyd decides to return, and Wilson can't work his way up from No. 4 on the depth chart during camp.

    As Austin wows the league with his stunning speed on another team, the Chargers wonder why they chose another first-rounder from Washington State and thought it would work out (see: 1998, Ryan Leaf).

30. Detroit Lions: Tyrann Mathieu, CB, LSU

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    Tyrann Mathieu probably could have been a first-round pick after his sophomore season at LSU in 2011.

    In an inevitable development, Mathieu goes pro after his junior season, but concerns about his 5'9", 175-pound body being too small knocks his draft stock despite his outstanding college play.

    The Lions are starved at cornerback, and although letting Eric Wright walk in free agency in the 2012 offseason was a good move, there was no one better behind him.

    The secondary kept the Lions from a trip to the Super Bowl in 2012, and Mathieu will help them immensely.

    He will struggle at first going up against top targets in the NFC North such as Brandon Marshall, Greg Jennings, and Percy Harvin.

    Mathieu, though, will also go up against Calvin Johnson in practice every week, and he is a more difficult cover than any of those guys. Eventually, he'll get it and become a great NFL cornerback.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    The progression for the Niners is NFC Championship game—Super Bowl—Super Bowl win in 2013.

    Although they lose the big game in 2012 against a determined Tom Brady, the Niners get better in the draft.

    Head coach Jim Harbaugh loves adding jack-of-all-trades players to give defenses some unbalanced formations and different packages to negotiate.

    Hunt is a raw football player who won the Junior World Championships in discus and shotput in 2006. In football, he was already in the top 10 all-time in blocking kicks as a sophomore.

    CBS Sports' Bruce Feldman called Hunt the most freakish athlete in college football in 2011, with an 84-inch wingspan and a 6'8", 275-pound body.

    In the 2013 draft, Hunt falls in the draft despite incredible athleticism, due to concerns that he's not ready for the NFL.

    Harbaugh will mold Hunt into a nightmare for opponents, and could have him in blocking packages and even carrying the ball when he's not playing defense.

    The combination of Hunt and the Niners coaching staff is a scary thought, but one of the most exciting for NFL fans.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: Joseph Fauria, TE, UCLA

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    STUD/DUD projection: STUD

    The New England Patriots and Chiefs are linked by head coach Romeo Crennel, the Pats' former defensive coordinator, and front office kingpin Scott Pioli.

    With the Patriots finally winning their fourth Super Bowl in the Tom Brady-Bill Belichick era, they make another obscure draft-day trade with none other than Kansas City.

    The Chiefs decide to bolster the roster with a similar look to the Patriots: two incredible, dynamic tight ends.

    Joseph Fauria will team with Tony Moeaki to form a match-up nightmare for defenses, especially in man-to-man for opposing linebackers.

    The 6'7" Fauria is a huge target and may be even more explosive than Moeaki, with the latter struggling in 2012 in his first season since major knee surgery.

    In 2013, with a revamped Moeaki and the addition of Fauria, the Chiefs will truly be "Patriots West" as they're often dubbed in the tight end department.

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