What's Wrong With The Bruins?

Joe AscherContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

  Please don't tell me this the start of the Bruins downfall. After they got off to the greatest start ever, the Bruins are starting to slip a little and looking mortal after all. Their scoring is drying up. Phil Kessel hasn't scored in weeks, David Krecji is contributing zero lately and has been riding the pines a couple times. It doesn't help that Michael Ryder is hurt and now Chuck Kobasew has joined him. Where's the magic? They blow leads almost every game now. They can't even beat Nashville. Maybe because they are so far ahead in points that has taken away their urgency to win. They have definitely lost their edge. They used to always find a way to win and now are finding ways to lose. I really hope they grab a goal scorer at the trade deadline because they need someone to jump-start this team. Patrice Bergeron with 4 goals this year? What the hell is that? And don't tell me it's because of his concussions. I believe he will never regain his old form and if that is the case they should use him as trade bait to grab a legitimate goal scorer. Let's hope they turn this thing around and soon, playoffs are just around the corner.