NBA Draft 2012: 3 Lottery Picks Most Likely to Fall off the Map

Brandon Reiter@@thereitanswerCorrespondent IIJuly 4, 2012

NBA Draft 2012: 3 Lottery Picks Most Likely to Fall off the Map

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    The lottery teams represent the organizations that are in need of a player who can make an immediate impact. Not making the playoffs is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed by every general manager, and the draft is the easiest way to go about doing so. A draft can make or break a team depending on how its selection translates into the NBA

    This past NBA draft featured a number of strange picks, smart picks and safe picks. Not every team got what they set out far, while others got what they wanted and more.

    The following players were the wrong choices, or they simply do not have what it takes to stay relevant in the NBA.

Austin Rivers

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    Despite Rivers' ability to take the ball to the rim or sink a shot from anywhere on the court, he is an over-confident player who does not know his role.

    In his only year at Duke, Rivers proved that he is not careful with the ball, as he averaged more turnovers (2.3) than assists (2.1). Combined with his unwillingness to share the ball, Rivers soon became recognized as someone who would constantly take contested shots and be very selfish with the ball.

    For Rivers to remain a solid player for New Orleans, he will have to shrink his ego a little. But he will most likely shoot his way to no playing time.

Damien Lillard

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    Lillard is no extraordinary passer, making him mostly rely on his athleticism and ability to create a shot. At 6'3'' and 189 pounds, he is definitely undersized to compete at shooting guard on a regular basis. And as one of the older players in the draft, he won't have as much time to develop.

    Other than the fact that he is undersized and one-dimensional, Lillard has not really been tested yet. The Wildcats' RPI was 71 last year. They only paired up against three teams ranked in the top 50, and they lost to each.

    In each of these games, Lillard shot poorly from the field, highlighted by his 4-of-17 performance against Cal. These were significantly lower numbers than the type he put up against conference foes, Northern Colorado or Idaho State.

    The thought that Lillard will be able to handle NBA competition is almost laughable considering that he struggled with tough college competition.

Dion Waiters

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    Not once in his college career did Dion Waiter have the spotlight on him. Yes, he was probably the most valuable sixth man in the nation. But the fact that he was only the second player ever to be drafted without starting one game is definitely a sign.

    People see characteristics of Dwyane Wade in Waiters' game. As true as that may be, Waiters went too early and will be asked to do a lot upon his arrival in Cleveland. This will not turn him into the next Dwyane Wade. Instead, he'll be a poor man's Dwyane Wade.