Triple H (The Game) Become's 13th Time Champion at No Way Out!

The One You FearCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

I just finished watching Smackdown's elimination chamber match and I have to tell was one hell of a match!

Edge and Jeff Hardy started off the match, but it didn't take long to see who was the first man out. Jeff Hardy was going for swanton bomb but Edge dodged it and was going to spear Jeff but again Jeff countered to old school pin and eliminated Edge.

The third man who got into the match was Vladimir Kozlov and he took Jeff down...It didn't seem hard to Kozlov competing against Jeff alone but then Big Show entered the match and he helped out Kozlov to put Hardy on the sidelines.

The next thing I would know is that Kozlov and Big Show were going at it! But before they got all serious, Triple H (the game) enters the match and starts putting everyone down.

No one got eliminated when Triple H entered, but when Undertaker entered...then that's where elimiantion's started happening. Undertaker tombstoned Kozlov to eliminate the Moscow Mauler. After that, Undertaker gave Big Show a super suplex, which gave Triple H an opportunity to give Big Show a spinebuster.

Jeff also took an advantage of that and gave a Big Show a swanton bomb. Which eliminated Big Show (Big Slow hahahaha). Not long after elimination of Big Show, Jeff Hardy got eliminated by getting tombstoned and getting eliminated.

It was down to Undertaker and Triple H, and they were going at it. Undertaker conected the tombstone but the game had it's foot on the bottom rope and still carry on the match.

Getting to conclusion...Undertaker was going for last ride but Triple H countered it and turned to pedigree and got the the three-count to win his 13th time championship!