Vegas-Style Odds on 3 Monster Alabama Recruits Decommitting

Full Ride@BR_FullRideB/R VideoJuly 4, 2012

There’s a long time to go before recruits from the 2013 class can officially sign with a team, and a lot can happen in that time. Despite the fact that we’ll hear much about verbal commitments through next season and beyond, it means very little until a signature is obtained.

One team who will undoubtedly pull in a ton of very talented signatures is Alabama, who is recruiting at a ridiculous pace once again. The problem with recruiting this well, however, is that eventually you could scare off some recruits because of the incredible amount of talent you already have.

Note: This would be a problem other teams around the country would love to have.

Who could potentially decommit from Alabama before national signing day? Here are a few names (with Vegas-style odds, of course) worth looking out for in the coming months.


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