Matt Cas Sell? Will the Young QB Be Shipping out of Boston?

Ben RegoContributor IFebruary 15, 2009

The recent buzz around New England has been Patriots QB Matt Cassell may be getting shipping 1,000 miles from his hometown to Kansas City.

By doing this, the New England Patriots will receive two draft picks in the upcoming draft since Cassell was slapped with the franchise. So now the Patriots have a huge decision on Cassell's Future; do they trade the young star or keep him under Tom Brady's wing?

If they trade him and get the third pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, who do they take? If they do this, the Patriot's best pick might be Michael Crabtree out of Texas Tech, since Randy Moss can't play forever and Crabtree might be the next big thing.

I don't believe that they will take USC's Mark Sanchez or Georgia's Matthew Stafford, because Tom Brady is the future in Foxboro and he still has more left in his tank. He has more super bowls to win!

Could they go for a defensive player for their secondary or even a o linemen that could watch and learn from the best of the best.

 The question for the New England Patriots then is simple: To trade or not to trade?