MLB Trade Scenarios: Predicting Where Each Top Target Wants to Be Dealt

Robert Knapel@@RobertKnapel_BRCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2012

MLB Trade Scenarios: Predicting Where Each Top Target Wants to Be Dealt

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    Very few MLB players get to have a say in where they are traded. Only players with no-trade clauses or 10-and-five rights are able to try to steer to where they want to be traded if they are going to be dealt.

    There are certainly situations that are more beneficial to these players because of their personal preferences or team makeup, but it is hard for players to get traded to the location of their choice.

    This article will look at the best-case scenario for a trade for some of the top targets that should be available prior to the 2012 MLB trade deadline.

Zack Greinke

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    Zack Greinke has been able to put up outstanding numbers during his career while simultaneously dealing with a social anxiety disorder (h/t Adam McCalvy of While this does not mean that pitching in a major market is out of the question for Greinke, it does mean that it may be more difficult.

    The Texas Rangers would be a great landing spot for Greinke. Arlington is not a huge market like New York, and the organization has done a great job of helping players like Josh Hamilton with personal issues.

    The care that the Rangers have for their players could make Texas a very appealing location for Greinke.

Cole Hamels

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    The Philadelphia Phillies have not yet decided if they are going to be buyers or sellers at the 2012 MLB trade deadline. If they do make the decision to become sellers, then Cole Hamels will become one of the most popular players available.

    Teams have already called the Phillies about Hamels (h/t Jon Heyman of CBS Sports). 

    Hamels was born and raised in Southern California, and he has the nickname "Hollywood." That might be where Hamels is playing later this year, and the Los Angeles Dodgers are likely the ideal destination.

Chase Headley

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    Chase Headley has done a fine job for the San Diego Padres this year. This has led to a number of teams trying to get in contact with the Padres about a possible deal for the third baseman (h/t Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports).

    The Baltimore Orioles should be looking for an upgrade to their lineup this summer, and Headley is a good fit there. Baltimore would provide a similar playing environment for Headley, while also affording him the chance to play for an up-and-coming team.

Francisco Liriano

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    Francisco Liriano has struggled to find consistency during his career, and he is struggling once again this season. That does not mean that he won't draw a lot of trade interest this summer, though.

    The Atlanta Braves, Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees all had scouts at one of Liriano's recent starts, according to Phil Mackey of ESPN.

    Atlanta is probably the best fit for Liriano, who will be hoping to boost his stock before he becomes a free agent after the season. A move to the National League could be exactly what Liriano needs.

Matt Garza

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    Matt Garza could be on the trade market this summer, and he would be one of the best pitchers available.

    The Chicago Cubs are going to want a lot for him, though. Jayson Stark of ESPN has quoted a big league executive as saying that the Cubs want a return similar to what the Colorado Rockies got for Ubaldo Jimenez last year.

    In the past, Garza had success in the American League East with the Tampa Bay Rays. He may have an interest in pitching for the New York Yankees. He would not have the pressure of being an ace, and he would also be able to join a team with a good chance of winning the World Series.

Edwin Encarnacion

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    The Toronto Blue Jays have been fading after they were near the top of the American League East during the early parts of the season. This means that they could be sellers.

    Edwin Encarnacion has put up outstanding numbers through the first half of the year. Jayson Stark of ESPN has heard that he is not available at this point, but that could change.

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have gotten poor production out of the third base spot, and Encarnacion might be able to feast on National League pitching. He could boost his stock even more by playing in a big city and producing during his contract year.

    Los Angeles has a lot of money to spend, and if Encarnacion were to help lead the team to the playoffs, then he could earn himself a huge deal. This opportunity makes Los Angeles a location to where Encarnacion would almost certainly want to be sent.

Wandy Rodriguez

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    For the second year in a row, the Houston Astros will be taking calls about Wandy Rodriguez (h/t Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports). It seems to be much more likely that the Astros actually deal Rodriguez this summer.

    Wandy Rodriguez has pitched in Houston for his whole major league career, and it may be time for a change. If Rodriguez had a choice, the Boston Red Sox might present a good opportunity for him to play on a winning team in a major market. He could thrive in that type of atmosphere.

Shane Victorino

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    Shane Victorino is set to become a free agent at the end of the season. This means that the Philadelphia Phillies may look to trade him if they fall out of contention over the next few weeks.

    "The Flyin' Hawaiian" could be a popular trade target, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. The New York Yankees could be one of the major players for Victorino.

    New York could be a great fit for him. He would not need to move too far away from Philly and would get to play for a World Series contender.

Brett Myers

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    With each passing Astros loss, it seems more and more likely that Myers will be dealt. He is not fazed by all of the trade rumors that are surrounding him, though, according to Jayson Stark of ESPN.

    Myers would likely want to stay in the closer role, and the New York Mets could present that opportunity. Frank Francisco has an ERA around 5.00, so the Mets may be willing to trade for Myers and slot him in as their closer.