Fantasy WWE: Friday Night SmackDown (6/29)

Will OwenCorrespondent IJuly 4, 2012

Fantasy WWE: Friday Night SmackDown (6/29)

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    Hey Bleacher Report! Happy Independence Day and Welcome to SmackDown's most recent Fantasy edition. For those of you who are seeing (or reading) this "Fantasy WWE" series for the first time, this was an experiment tried by myself as I loved WWE but saw some faults that I wish I could control. So I had a draft with three other managers. That was in October and Fantasy WWE has chugged along to July. For the results of that draft, check out my Sportswriter Profile.

    Editor's Note: As somebody who loves hearing what my viewers think, I implement those things that my readers ask for. One such thing is the inclusion of each show's roster, and now that I have SmackDown's roster, here you go:

    1. CM Punk

    2. John Cena

    3. Chris Jericho

    4. The Miz

    5. Dolph Ziggler

    6. Cody Rhodes

    7. Daniel Bryan  WWE Champion

    8. Christian

    9. Alberto Del Rio

    10.  Zack Ryder

    11.  Chris Masters

    12.  Kofi Kingston

    13.  Jack Swagger

    14.  Evan Bourne

    15.  Ezekiel Jackson

    16.  Big Show

    17.  Vladmir Kozlov

    18.  Sin Cara Azul

    19.  Sin Cara Negro

    20.  Santino Marella Intercontinental Champion

    21.  Teddy Hart

    22.  Heath Slater

    23.  Curt Hawkins

    24.  Tyler Reks

    25.  Brodus Clay

    26.  Richie Steamboat Light Heavyweight Champion

    27.  Dean Ambrose

    28.  Ryback

    29.  Jinder Mahal

    30.  Yoshi Tatsu 

    Tag Teams

    1.Hawkins and Reks (Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks) WWE Tag Team Champions

    2. Los Maestros (Sin Cara Azul/Sin Cara Negro)

    3.Air Boom (Evan Bourne/Kofi Kingston)

    4. Dashingly Awesome (Miz/Cody Rhodes)


    1. Eve Torres
    2. AJ


    Money in the Bank is behind us! We saw a new Intercontinental Champion crowned as Santino Marella beat Alberto Del Rio inside a steel cage. Bryan Danielson overcame the odds once again to retain his WWE Championship and Dolph Ziggler became SmackDown’s Mr. Money in the Bank! We’re less than four weeks away from the next SmackDown PPV, The Great American Bash.

    How will SmackDown shape up as we head into summer? Let’s find out!

Promo: Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks Are in the Ring

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    Josh Matthews and Matt Striker welcome us ringside where we’re greeted by the new WWE Tag-Team Champions, Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks. They’re both standing in the ring with microphones in their hands. 

    Hawkins: “We told each and every single one of you that a change was coming and guess what? The change came and we stand here as your new WWE Tag-Team Champions!” 

    Hawkins and Reks hold the belts high and get tremendous heat from the crowd. 

    Reks: “For the longest time now, we’ve had the number of Air Boom and now we’ve got the belts to prove it! Now it’s time for us to take our moment to shine and we’re going to be the main-men in this tag-team division, there’s nobody out there that can beat us. We’re the most fluid, well-oiled team in the WWE and no other…” 

    Reks gets cut off by Air Boom’s music and he’s raging! Kingston and Bourne make their way out to the stage. 

    Kingston: “You guys have those belts for one reason. We got our asses handed to us a few weeks ago by your henchmen for the night—Jack Swagger and Ezekiel Jackson. You had to weaken us to get those belts, and you knew you couldn’t beat us one-on-one. Simply put, you know how good we are and you had to take the cheap way out. We want our titles back, and we want them tonight!” 

    The crowd pops huge for Kingston and Bourne as they hype up the crowd! 

    Hawkins: “Kofi, how do you think we got these belts? By being the best team. We beat you psychologically and in the ring. As far as your challenge goes for tonight… NAH!!!” 

    Matthews: “Nah? What the hell is nah? If they’re any sort of champions, then they should put their belts where their mouths are!” 

    Striker: “It’s about picking your spot and doing things on your own terms. The champs won’t do it just because Air Boom tell them to!” 

    Hawkins: “We know that you guys have a rematch clause, but we’ll decide where and when that is. If you want to get your asses kicked, then you know where we are!” 

    Kingston: “Well luckily for us, Michael Cole’s already given us your asses tonight and guess what, that match is going to happen right here, right now!” 

    The crowd explodes as Air Boom rush to the ring! Hawkins and Reks look stunned and leave the ring to get some strategy before the match begins.

Match 1: Air Boom vs. Hawkins and Reks

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    We come back from commercial as Kofi and Tyler Reks are ready to start the match. The referee rings the bell and Kofi charges at Reks, taking him down with a flying clothesline. Reks rolls back towards his corner, backing away from Kingston. Kingston tells Reks to bring it on. He looks pumped up for this contest! 

    Reks slowly gets back to his feet and gingerly makes his way towards Kingston. They lock up and Tyler throws Kingston to the mat, knocking him down. Reks laughs at Kingston as he flexes his muscles and taunts the crowd. Kingston gets back to his feet and charges at Reks, but he gets taken down by a huge clothesline! Reks picks Kofi up and gives him a huge powerbomb! 

    He stands in the turnbuckle beside Hawkins laughing as Kingston writhes in agony on the mat. He tags Hawkins in who climbs on top of his shoulders! 

    Matthews: “What’s he going to try here?” 

    Hawkins steadies himself on Reks’ shoulders and launches himself off, landing a splash on the fallen Kingston. He covers him—1…2…KICK OUT! Hawkins gets back up and toys with Kingston, prodding him with his feet. Kingston can barely move. Hawkins picks Kofi up, whips him off the ropes and connects with a powerslam. He covers Kingston again—1…2…KICK OUT!

    Instead of getting frustrated, Hawkins just smiles. He knows that he can take Kingston out here without Bourne even getting involved in the match.

    Hawkins whips Kingston into the turnbuckle stomach first, and as he stumbles out, Hawkins nails him with a bulldog. He tries picking Kofi up, but he can’t stand on his own. Hawkins drags Kofi to his feet and stands him up. He charges at Kingston, and as he goes for a clothesline, Kingston somehow manages to nail him with a superkick.

    Striker: “This is Kofi’s chance! He needs to make a tag if Air Boom have any chance of winning this match!” 

    Both men are down. Kingston slowly crawls towards Bourne as Hawkins tags in Reks. Just before Reks can reach him, Kingston tags Bourne in. The crowd explodes! Bourne slingshots over the top rope and takes Reks down with a hurricanrana! He gets back to his feet, bounces off the ropes and hits a high knee on Reks that catches him square on the jaw. Reks is reeling as Bourne pumps up the crowd! 

    Bourne kicks Reks in the knees until the big man is down on one leg. He bounces off the ropes and dropkicks him in the face. He goes for a cover—1…2…BUT HAWKINS BREAKS THE COVER! As Hawkins goes to leave the ring, Kofi comes in and tackles him through the ropes to the outside. With the referee distracted, Bourne stands over Reks who drops him with a low blow. The referee turns around to see Reks covering Evan—1…2…3!

    Winners: Curt Hawkins & Tyler Reks (Match Time: 6:23)

Promo: Santino Marella Is in the Ring

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    As SmackDown returns we zoom in on the ring which is set up with a two couches separated by a TV which has a picture of Santino on it with the words "Santino TV" on the screen. 

    Santino Marella’s music hits now as he comes out to a massive pop from the crowd. He’s got the Intercontinental Championship wrapped tightly around his waist. 

    Matthews: “After a very hard-fought victory over Alberto Del Rio in a steel cage on Sunday at Money in the Bank, Santino is the new Intercontinental Champion. He deserved the win, and he never gave up, despite how many times he’d been screwed in title matches before!” 

    Striker: “Even though I don’t like Santino, I can’t deny that he deserved the title, especially after all the hard work he put in to get there. Alberto was a good champ, but I don’t know if Santino will be able to live up to that.” 

    Santino sits down on one of the couches and picks up a microphone. 

    Santino: “Welcome everybody to the first ever edition of Santino TV! Just like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Chris Jericho, Edge and Brutus Beefcake before me, I’ve now got my own WWE talk show. Tonight, I won’t be interviewing anyone, but I’ll be celebrating my title win.

    On Sunday night, I walked into that inhuman steel structure that punishes your body, and just like I told you, I walked out as the new Intercontinental Champion. I told all of you that I wasn’t going to escape the cage and that I was going to pin the champion or make him submit! 

    On Sunday night, I proved that I’m not a joke anymore, and it’s about time people started taking me seriously. I didn’t just pin Alberto, I made the submission specialist tap out to the figure four leg lock! Ric Flair was my idol when I was a kid, and that was my way of paying tribute to him. Winning this title means more than just being champion: It shows all the hard work that I have to put in to be taken seriously in this company has been worth it.

    I've come a long way from the man who was picked out of the crowd to face the late, great Umaga, and Bobby Lashley helped me to win my first Intercontinental championship. 

    I thought I had turned my career around when I beat Cody for the title before WrestleMania, but then when I got screwed out of it in Miami, I realized that I thought all the hard work was over, when the truth is that it wasn’t. The hard work was just beginning.

    I won’t make the same mistake this time. I promise to all of the fans here in the arena and all the people watching at home that I will be remembered as one of the best Intercontinental Champions of all time. In 10 to 20 years, when people ask who the greatest Intercontinental Champions of all time were, I want my name to be remembered alongside legends like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels.

    I’ll fight until I can’t fight anymore to keep this championship around my waist!” 

    Alberto del Rio’s music plays and the former champion walks out with a microphone in his hand. 

    Striker: “Finally someone worth listening to on this talk show!” 

    Alberto: “Shut up, shut up, shut up! Stop talking like it’s over between us. I beat you at Mania and somehow you got another THREE at my Intercontinental Championship. That’s right, my Intercontinental Championship.  At Money in the Bank, you fluked your way to victory just like you’ve done with everything else in your sad, pathetic life. You don’t deserve to hold that championship; in fact, I think the Divas Championship is more your thing.” 

    The crowd boos at Alberto as he laughs to himself. 

    “You’re going on and on about how you are a serious competitor and that you idolized Ric flair and that you will be a fighting champion…Blah blah blah! Nobody cares about what you say Santino; the only thing they care about is seeing me get my title back.

    You know that in my contract, I had a rematch clause attached to the title if I held the title for more than 60 days, which I did. I'm not waiting until the Great American Bash because I can’t stand to see you carrying my title for another three weeks.

    So tonight, I’m using my rematch clause for the Intercontinental Championship. It’ll be Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio one more time, and whoever wins tonight takes it all. Take a good, hard look at the title Santino, because it’s my destiny to become champion again!” 

    Matthews: “Wow! An Intercontinental Championship match tonight? I can’t wait! This is the last time we’ll see these two battling for the Intercontinental Championship, and it’s gonna be a good one!” 

    Striker: “Santino can give all he wants, but he won’t be able to beat Alberto. It’s his destiny to regain the Intercontinental Championship, but you already know that!”

Promo: Dolph Ziggler Interview Backstage

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    We go backstage to see Dolph Ziggler standing with Todd Grisham, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase. 

    Todd: “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, SmackDown’s ‘Mr Money in the Bank’, Dolph Ziggler! (The crowd pops for that!) Dolph, you had a great win on Sunday at Money in the Bank where you overcame five of the best superstars that SmackDown has to offer, to climb the ladder and take down that briefcase. What did you think of the match itself?” 

    Dolph: “Thanks Todd. You know, it was hard match, but it’s what I do. I go out there every god-damn night and steal the show because that’s what I do. No-one can hold a candle to me. I’ve got God-given pure wrestling talent, and now I’ve got guaranteed WWE Championship shot at some point in the next year. Everyone who has cashed in their briefcase has become champion, and I’m not gonna be any different. I’ve waited too long for this, and it’s my time now!” 

    Todd: “What are your plans now that you’ve got the briefcase, and will it change the way you handle your business on SmackDown?” 

    Dolph: “I plan to become the WWE Champion, and I plan on staying champion for a LONG time. Do I know when? All I know is that I’ll cash this baby in whenever it suits me best and when I feel that I'm ready.

    The past couple of weeks have helped me a lot with that. I’ve had matches with former and current World Champions, and I came up just short. It tells me that, as good as I am, I need to work harder to be the best. That’s why I've decided to prove I deserve to be Mr Money in the Bank. This briefcase is like a giant target on my back, so if anyone thinks they can take it from me, then I’ll put it on the line.

    I’m not going to be a coward who hides behind this briefcase and just waits to cash it in. I'm going to go out there and prove I can be champion. I’ll prove that I can hold my place at the top of the card, so if I need to defend this briefcase, then I will. No one can take it from me. Show Off!”

Match 2: Christian and Jack Swagger vs. Ezekiel Jackson and Big Show

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    Christian and Swagger are in first to huge heat. They hardly look at each other as they both storm to the ring. The team of Ezekiel Jackson and the Big Show are out next to a mixed reaction, and as they get in the ring, Swagger and Christian stare at them. 

    Matthews: “Matt, this is a weird situation. One of the last times that we saw Swagger and Jackson in the ring together, they were on the same team!” 

    Striker: “Yeah that does seem strange Josh, but remember, Swagger and Jackson were effectively paid by our new tag-champs to take out Air Boom. It doesn’t mean that they’re friends or that there’s going to be some shenanigans here. Let’s just see how this pans out!” 

    Christian and Jackson start off the match. Christian tackles Jackson to the mat and tries to lock in a Boston Crab straight away, but Jackson is too strong and forces his way out. As Christian tries to get back to his feet, Ezekiel kicks Christian hard in the side, winding him. Jackson then lands kick after kick to Christian’s head and body, before turning to Jack Swagger and taunting him.

    Striker: “Josh, I think you’ve got your answer. Swagger and Jackson definitely aren’t buddies!” 

    Jackson pays for that show of arrogance, because as he turns around, Christian leaps to his feet and nails him with an enziguiri! Christian goes for the cover—1...2...KICK OUT! Christian tries to drag Jackson up, but he fights back and manages to get a tag to Big Show! The crowd explodes as the big man climbs over the top rope and into the ring. Christian leaps to try and knock Show down, but Show just swats him away.

    Christian runs at Show, but Show catches him and delivers a tremendous suplex that rattles Christian’s spine off the canvas! Show tries for a cover of his own—1...2...KICK OUT!

    Show drags Christian up and whips him into the turnbuckle. Show charges at him, but Christian moves and lands a dropkick that knocks Big Show down. Christian tags in Swagger who instantly starts to pound away at Big Show’s head! Show starts to fight back, but Swagger clotheslines him back down to the mat.

    Swagger turns to Ezekiel Jackson in the corner and repays the favour by taunting him. Big Zeke tries to grab Swagger, but Swagger punches him off the apron. Show gets to his feet and tries a KO Punch on Swagger, but he misses and Swagger tags in Christian. Christian springboards into the ring and tries a flying clothesline, but Show nails him with the KO Punch in mid-air!

    Show goes for the cover—1...2...BUT SWAGGER BREAKS UP THE COUNT! 

    Big Show angrily turns to Swagger and tries to attack him, but Christian nails him from behind. They trade blows in the middle of the ring before Show pushes Christian away and he tags in Jackson.

    Jackson runs at Christian only to be sent flying across the ring by an arm drag. As Big Zeke gets up, Christian turns him over and nails him with the Killswitch! As Christian rolls into the pin, Swagger pulls Big Show off the apron—1…2…3!

    Winners: Christian & Jack Swagger (Match Time: 7:21) 


    After the match, Christian and Swagger celebrate in the ring and shake hands as Christian leaves. Swagger stands in the middle of the ring, waiting for Big Show, and as he climbs up on the apron, Swagger nails Big Show with a big boot! Swagger continues the attack and the ref tries to pull him off only to be sent flying by Swagger.

    Swagger pulls the ring-steps apart and drags Big Show to his feet before setting him up. 

    Matthews: “No way, he can’t be trying this, he’ll never be able to do it!” 

    Somehow, Swagger lifts Big Show up and nails a gut-wrench powerbomb, slamming Show spine first onto the steel steps! 

    Striker: “Oh my God! How did he do that? That’s a 400lb man and Swagger powerbombed him like he was nothing!” 

    Swagger stares down at Show one more time before walking up the ramp, leaving Show to be treated by medics.

Promo: Richie Steamboat Comes Down to the Ring

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    Richie Steamboat walks to the ring and gets a tremendous pop from the crowd. He adjusts the belt on his shoulder and slaps the hands of all the fans next to the ramp before entering the ring. He picks up a mic and smiles, but then he looks more serious. 

    Steamboat: “Last week on SmackDown, I retained my belt against Zack Ryder in one of the best matches I’ve had in my career. In the end, I proved why I’m the champion and I found a way to retain my belt.” 

    He lifts up the belt to huge cheers and chants of “Richie” from the crowd. 

    Steamboat: “As good as our match was, what happened at the end wasn’t. As you all saw last week, Zack Ryder got attacked, and he’ll be out for the next few weeks, meaning that he’ll miss the Great American Bash. Sin Cara Azul, Sin Cara Negro, what the hell is going on?! When Tatsu can't assault or attack me, they do? Do they ALL just want a piece of me? If you do, then you know where I am! If you want me, come to the ring right now, and I’ll kick all of your asses!” 

    He waits, but no-one comes. Richie calls them out again, but still no-one appears. 

    Steamboat: “Well then, I guess we all know that they’re chickensh…” 

    Richie gets cut off mid-sentence as the lights go out and the Titantron flashes on. Three shadows appear on the screen and they all write “The New Beginning is Coming”. The Titantron goes off and the lights come back on. Richie looks around and sees a Sin Cara at each side of the ring. Tatsu's theme hits and he walks to the middle of the ramp. He stops and picks up a mic. 

    Tatsu: “Richie, this is my new beginning. I need strong-minded people. I need people with the same ideas as me. People who want to change this bland and dull Light Heavyweight division into something better, and I’ve found two people just like that: Los Maestros. Now they’re on my side, the side that wants to make things better.

    You know them well don’t you Richie? When you were out injured, who did it? Los Maestros. They’re the perfect men to help me, and now that Ryder’s out, you’ve got no help and you can’t stop ‘The New Beginning’ that’s coming. At the Bash, I’ll be the one taking that title from you, and the whole world will witness the new beginning.”

    Tatsu drops his mic and laughs. In the ring, Richie turns to Sin Cara Negro and runs at him, but he gets dropkicked away. On the other side of the ring, Azul leaps in and nails his new finisher on Richie! Tatsu shouts to Los Maestros and they exit the ring, following Tatsu up the ramp as they leave Richie struggling to his feet.

Match 3: Santino Marella vs. Alberto Del Rio for the Intercontinental Title

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    Alberto Del Rio enters the arena now to his normal music without Ricardo tonight; he walks out to some decent boo’s. The crowd is all over him, chanting “You Tapped Out!” 

    Striker: “Hopefully, Alberto takes his championship back tonight! I feel like the title’s already less prestigious, and Santino’s only had it for five days!” 

    Santino Marella’s music hits as he walks out with the title high above his head. He gets a massive pop from the crowd, egging them on as the cheers grow louder.

    Matthews: “The crowd’s really behind Santino tonight. They might have a huge part to play if he manages to retain his newly-won Intercontinental Championship!” 

    Santino hands the belt to the referee as we get formal ring introductions from Tony Chimel. When Tony’s done, the referee rings the bell and this match gets underway.

    Both men square up and start trash-talking each other. As they lock up, Santino forces Alberto into the corner and starts connecting with kicks to Alberto’s mid-section, knocking him down to the mat. Santino bounces off the ropes and connects with a sliding drop-kick that smacks Alberto’s head into the turnbuckle. Santino pulls Alberto away from the corner for the cover—1...KICK OUT! Santino drags Alberto up and goes for a suplex, but Alberto blocks it and rolls him up—1…KICK OUT!

    Both men get up to their feet, and as they lock up, Alberto kicks Santino in the gut and wrenches his left arm to open up space. Alberto continues to kick Santino before landing a huge kick to his arm that stings as he stumbles away in pain. Alberto runs up behind him and lands a big bulldog sending Santino head first into the mat. He rolls into the cover—1...2…KICK OUT! 

    Alberto gets up and looks frustrated. He slowly lifts Santino up and dropkicks him across the ring. Santino uses the ropes to pull himself up, but Alberto charges at him and connects with a huge enziguiri that knocks the champion to the outside.

    The referee begins to count—1…Alberto gets out of the ring— 2...3—he picks Santino up by the hair and smacks his head into the apron—4...5...Alberto whips Santino into the steel steps. Santino winces in pain as his back rattles off the steel—6...7…—Alberto lifts Santino up and rolls him into the ring to break the count. Alberto goes for the cover—1...2...KICK OUT! Somehow, Santino lifts his shoulder up.

    Matthews: “Santino is still in it! After the punishment he’s taken, he’s still in this match! He told everyone that he’d continue to be a fighting champion.” 

    Striker: “Come on Josh! Alberto should be champion again by now. I think the referee is just a slow counter.” 

    Alberto gets up and is furious with the referee. He backs him into the corner, screaming at him that that should’ve been a three-count! As Alberto walks back over and stands across Santino, the champion rolls him up! 1…2…KICK OUT!

    Alberto gets up quicker than the champ and kicks him in the head to keep him down. Del Rio has snapped. He keeps kicking Santino’s left arm, and the champ is writhing around in pain. Alberto drags Santino up by the singlet and grabs his left arm going for the cross arm breaker, but Santino pushes him off Alberto and connects with a huge DDT. Santino goes for the cover—1...2…KICK OUT!

    Santino’s breathing heavily as he rolls off Alberto. He looks spent as he crawls towards the ropes to lift himself up. Del Rio gets up on his knees, willing himself on to keep going. Both men reach their feet and lock eyes. They both charge at each other.

    Santino goes for a clothesline, but Alberto ducks it and bounces off the ropes, connecting with a huge hurricanrana into a roll-up—1…2…KICK OUT!

    Alberto sees the position that Santino’s in and climbs to the top rope. Alberto takes longer than usual to get there, clearly feeling the effects of the match. Before he can launch himself off the top rope, Santino jumps onto the middle turnbuckle and Alberto lands painfully on the top rope. Alberto tries to push Santino off, but Santino hits him with a big right hand and holds his ground. With Del Rio stunned, Santino puts his right arm around del Rio’s neck and sets up for the Milan Miracle.

    Striker: “You’re joking! There’s no way in hell that Santino can do this, not from the top rope!” 

    Just as Striker finishes talking, Santino and del Rio fly through the air, and Santino nails a massive Milan Miracle from the top rope. Alberto crashes head-first into the mat! Santino rolls over and covers Alberto—1…2…3!

    Winner (and STILL Intercontinental Champion): Santino Marella (Match Time: 14:38) 


    As Santino’s music plays in the background, he holds his title high, celebrating with the crowd! 

    Matthews: “Santino did it! After this long rivalry, Santino has finally shown why he’s deservedly the Intercontinental Champion!” 

    Striker: “I didn’t want to see it happen, but Santino deserved to win. He gave it his all and deserves to be our Intercontinental Champion.”

Promo: Chris Jericho and Bryan Danielson in the Ring

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    We come back from commercial as the lights go out in the arena. BREAK THE WALLS DOWN! Out comes Chris Jericho, who’s got a HUGE smile on his face. 

    Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the man who, once again, took out John Cena last night at Money in the Bank. Cena’s injuries are so severe that he’s not been cleared to appear here tonight.” 

    Jericho makes his way into the ring with a microphone in his hand. 

    Jericho: “Last night at Money in the Bank, I proved yet again why nobody in this business can touch me. Cena tried to out-smart me, and guess where that got him? A night in the hospital. I’m done with Cena now. I’ve proved that he can’t live with me in the ring, so I need to set my sights on something different, which brings me to why I’m out here. 

    There’s another man in the WWE who’s got a lot in common with me. He’s also dominated his opponent since WrestleMania, and he could do with a fresh challenge. I’m talking about one man in particular. His name…is Bryan Danielson! (crowd boos) Danielson, get out here now so we can do this face-to-face.” 

    Danielson’s music hits and the WWE Champion walks out on stage. He’s also sporting a HUGE smile on his face. 

    Danielson: “Jericho, you might have taken out John Cena, but lets face it, everybody is talking about what I did to CM Punk. The difference between what you did and what I did is that Punk was healthy when I took him out. Watch this footage.” 

    A video package is shown of the end of the WWE Title match on Sunday where Danielson retained his actions after the match where he took out Punk with a steel chair, a LaBell Lock through the steel chair and a punt to the head. 

    Matthews: “That attack is the reason why CM Punk also hasn’t been cleared to appear tonight. There may be serious damage to his shoulder. We’ll give you an update next week.” 

    Danielson: “Jericho, that’s how a champion acts. You win your match, then make a statement at your opponents expense. You don’t take someone out who isn’t a champion then gloat about the fact you took out a nobody. John Cena hasn’t held a title here for quite a while, yet you think it’s amazing to have taken him out? Brodus Clay could’ve done what you did! Why did you call me out here anyway?” 

    Jericho: “Well B-Dan, it’s because you’ve got something that I want. You’ve got something that I haven’t had for 10 years. I want your WWE Championship!” 

    Danielson: “In case you’ve forgotten, you were eliminated last night by the man that I took out. If you can’t beat him, why the hell should I give you a title shot?” 

    Jericho: “It’s quite simple. If you don’t, then you’ll be the next one to learn about the revolution that’s coming!” 

    Danielson laughs. 

    Danielson: “Jericho, I’ve beaten CM Punk in every match possible. Your revolution smacks of something you’re full of—crap!” 

    Michael Cole appears on the Titantron. 

    Cole: “I think you’re forgetting who runs the show around here. I’m the boss. Not you Jericho, and it’s definitely not you, champ. Because of what you both did last night, I’m down two of my biggest superstars which leaves me in an awkward position.

    I need a main-event tonight and guess what? You two have just given me a great idea. Tonight, in that very ring, Chris Jericho will go one-on-one with the WWE Champion, Bryan Danielson. If I’m impressed by what I see, then when I announce the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship next week, it might just be you Jericho!” 

    Danielson and Jericho smirk at each other as we go to ringside.

Match 4: Jinder Mahal vs. Teddy Hart

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    Jinder enters first to some heat. He taunts the fans and pounds his chest before running into the ring. Next out comes Teddy Hart. He gets a decent pop as he acknowledges the fans before entering the ring. 

    Matthews: “Teddy and Jinder have had a heated rivalry over the last few weeks with neither man getting the advantage.” 

    Striker: “Things between these two have been heating up, so I wonder what’s going to happen tonight!” 

    Jinder is first to attack. He kicks Teddy in the gut and runs off the ropes. He tries to land a big boot, but Teddy backdrops him over the ropes to the outside. As Mahal gets up on his feet, Teddy leaps over the ropes and connects with a crossbody. He gets back up, landing kicks and punches to Mahal. Teddy drags Jinder up and they trade blows on the outside.

    The referee has already reached a count of five as they start to get even more physical! 6...Teddy spears Jinder over the announcer table, and they brawl on the floor—7…Mahal lands a cheap shot before climbing to his feet. He picks up a chair and tries to hit Teddy with it, but Teddy cheap shots Mahal.—8…With both men on their feet, they both pick up chairs and both nail each other in the head!

    The referee continues his count with both men down—9…10! 

    Match Result: Double count-out (Match Time: 3:12) 


    Both men are down. Teddy uses the commentators table to get to his feet, while Mahal uses the barrier to stand up. Both men trade blows again, but Mahal gets the upper hand. He sends Teddy over the table again and picks up both chairs. First, he nails Teddy in the head, sending him crashing to the mat outside. With Teddy on the mat, Mahal puts a chair under his head and nails him with a Conchairto!! 

    Matthews: “That was a sickening chair shot from Mahal. What the hell is his problem with Teddy?” 

    Striker: “Weren’t you watching the other week Josh? Mahal lost in under 30 second to Hart. Jinder is making a statement that although Teddy won the battle, he’s going to win the war!” 

    Mahal leaves Teddy down on the outside and staggers up the ramp and out as some medics come down to check on Hart. 

Promo: Michael Cole in His Office

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    We go backstage to see Cole at his desk when Chris Masters walks in. 

    Masters: “Cole, I found Ambrose and Ryback. They’re here now.” 

    Cole: “Thanks Chris, let them in.” 

    Masters opens the door and orders them in. 

    Cole: “You guys caused some mayhem last week didn’t you? I gave you an opportunity to go to NXT and prove yourselves, but all you’ve done is break the rules and antagonize legends of this business. Listen, I don’t really care about NXT, but I want you to realise that I’m not gonna put up with this crap from you on SmackDown.

    Referees are there to control the action, not get involved. What gives you the right to think you can just demolish a harmless referee? Wha...” 

    Ambrose: “What gives me the right? How about the fact that I’m the best damn wrestler in this joint? How about the fact that Ryback is the most dominant figure on SmackDown, and he isn’t being showcased? We deserve better, so we’ll do what we want, when we want, until someone takes us seriously!” 

    Cole: “See that’s where you’re wrong Ambrose. You’re both going to get what’s coming to you. For starters, you’re both getting $100,000 fines, and if it keeps up, that’ll be the least of your worries.” 

    Ryback moves and gets up in Cole’s face. Masters quickly moves in and goes head-to-head with Ryback. 

    Ambrose: “Ryback, stand down, it’s not worth it yet. They’ll realize they’re wrong and they should’ve listened to me. Cole will realize he’s made a mistake soon enough.” 

    Cole: “I'm sick to death of everyone disrespecting my authority around here. You guys want to keep running your mouths and don’t think the fine is enough? Let’s see how you deal with suspensions without pay, but your fines still stand. How’s that, smart-ass? Now get the hell out of my office!” 

    Ambrose: “Are you kidding me Cole? You don’t realize what you’ve done do you? You’ve just signed your pink slip right there! We’re gonna make you regret the day you decided to take over SmackDown! Let’s go Ryback!” 

    Ryback is staring a hole through Masters and Cole. 

    Ambrose: “...NOW RYBACK!”

    Ryback walks backwards, not taking his eyes off Cole and Masters.

Promo: Backstage with Eve, the Miz and Cody Rhodes

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    We go backstage to see Eve and Miz standing outside Cody Rhodes’ dressing room. Miz looks like he doesn’t want to be there. 

    Eve: “Trust me, this will work. You and Cody both need this and you’re both good enough for this. You worked so well together last week on SmackDown. Think about it Miz; with me by your side and teaming with Cody, you’ll once again be the most must-see superstar in all of WWE!” 

    Miz: “Yeah I know, but I feel like I'm taking a step backwards going into a tag team. I should be aiming for the WWE title, not the Tag-Team titles. I bet you Cody will say the exact same thing.” 

    Eve: “Listen, the WWE title picture is too crowded right now for you and Cody to make the impact you deserve. By dominating another division, you’ll be right at the top of the list when it comes to WWE Title contention down the road.” 

    Eve knocks on the door and Cody answers. 

    Cody: “What do you two want? I don’t have time to sit here and listen to how AWWWEEESOOOOMMEEE Miz is.” 

    Miz: “Whoa, why don’t you shut the f….” 

    Eve: “Listen Cody, I have an interesting business proposal for you. It would give both of you a boost right now, especially as the top of the card is so crowded just now. How you would like to become Dashingly Awesome?” 

    Cody steps aside for Eve and Miz as they go into his dressing room and Cody slams the door shut on the camera. 

Main Event: Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho

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    We see a replay of their confrontation earlier tonight where Jericho demanded a title shot, and Michael Cole announced that if Jericho impresses him during the main-event, he could be named as the new No. 1 contender next week. 

    Chris Jericho comes out first and gets boo’ed  by the crowd. He just laughs it off and makes his way into the ring. The WWE Champion Bryan Danielson comes out next, and although he gets a better reaction than Jericho, he’s still getting heat from the crowd.

    Both men look at each other square in the eyes as the referee rings the bell. 

    The match starts with Danielson offering a handshake, but Jericho gets in his face and yells at him. Eventually Jericho pushes him away and then slaps Danielson in the face. Bryan returns the slap!

    Danielson hits Jericho with a dropkick, and Jericho retreats to the corner. Danielson connects with a charging flying forearm. Jericho gets back to his feet and hits a series of punches and elbows. Jericho then grabs Danielson in a rear headlock.

    The champ escapes but gets caught by a very nice enziguiri. Jericho goes for the cover, but Danielson kicks out. Danielson is sent to the corner, and Jericho hits him with several forearms. Danielson gets whipped to the other corner and Jericho goes for a shoulder thrust, but Danielson throws him into the steel post! 

    Matthews: “The action is getting difficult to keep up with! This is tremendous!” 

    Danielson is in the corner, and does a flip off the turnbuckle to counter a splash attempt from the former World Heavyweight Champion. Jericho is sent to the outside by a clothesline from Danielson. Danielson leaps into the air for a suicide dive, but Jericho counters by slamming him hip first into the announce table. A welt instantly appears on Danielson's side.

    Danielson shakes it off and uses the pain for empowerment.

    Back in the ring, Danielson heads to the top rope and perches, waiting for Jericho to re-enter. Bryan leaps, but Jericho counters it into the Walls of Jericho! He can’t fully lock it in as Danielson reverses into a leg submission. Jericho looks close to tapping but just barely gets to the ropes for the break. Jericho gets to his feet and hits the Codebreaker out of nowhere. Jericho then locks in the Walls of Jericho, and Danielson has no choice but to tap.

    Winner: Chris Jericho (Match Time: 11:39) 

    After the match, Jericho rolls out of the ring and walks back up the ramp, celebrating his victory as Danielson recovers in the ring. 

    Matthews: “Once again, GM Michael Cole has given us a PPV-quality main-event match here on SmackDown. Has Chris Jericho done enough to convince Cole that he should be the new No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship?” 

    Striker: “If it were me, I’d sign those two up for a title match as quickly as I could. This was a tremendous match. Imagine how great it would be if they were given just a little more time on PPV?”

    Matthews: “Ladies and gentlemen, next week’s show is sure to be another huge one. We’ll find out who the No. 1 contender for the WWE Championship is, and we’ll also have injury updates on John Cena and Chris Jericho. Thanks for joining us everybody; we’ll see you next week!”


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    Thanks for reading guys! Just as a reminder, here is what the SmackDown card looked like:

    1. Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks def. Air Boom

    2. Christian and Jack Swagger def. Big Show and Ezekiel Jackson

    3. Santino Marella def. Alberto Del Rio to retain the Intercontinental Championship

    4. Jinder Mahal and Teddy Hart fought to a no contest

    5. Chris Jericho def. Bryan Danielson

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