WWE Hall of Fame: Bruno Sammartino and the WWE Are Letting the Fans Down

Jacob RachwalCorrespondent IIIJuly 3, 2012

Courtesy of Fightnetwork.com
Courtesy of Fightnetwork.com

Over the last couple of days, Pwinsider.com has reported that Bruno Sammartino has once again declined an offer by the WWE to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2013.

This is a major blow to the WWE because they have wanted Bruno to go into the Hall of Fame for years.

Bruno’s main reasons for declining the offer have been because of his issues with Vince McMahon as well as his disapproval of the current product that WWE presents on TV.

It is a real shame that Bruno will not be included in the Hall of Fame. No one can deny that he deserves the honor.

Additionally, Bruno’s inclusion in the Hall of Fame is deeply important in terms of credibility for the institution. Bruno was the top guy of the industry for ages. A Hall of Fame without him is a crying shame.

Bruno has his reasons for not wanting to enter the Hall of Fame, but I think he is really missing out on a huge opportunity. For one, WWE would treat Bruno like a god. He would be treated to the largest gathering of wrestling fans in the world.

Additionally, because Bruno and the WWE have failed to come to terms, they are both letting their fans down. The fans of the WWE product of the past, present and future deserve the opportunity to honor Bruno for all that he has achieved in his career.

The simple fact is that Bruno Sammartino is not getting any younger. He should have the opportunity to experience all that a WWE Hall of Fame induction would provide. It would be a deep shame if Bruno were not with us to experience that.

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