Dale Jr Pulls a Carl Edwards at The Daytona 500.

Dave GainerCorrespondent IFebruary 15, 2009

The threat of rain and Jr's desperation causes the big wreck at the big race.  Dale Jr was moving erratically up thru the field just before the wreck, then a bad pit stop put him down a lap. Starting on the inside lane Dale was Battling Brian Vickers to get the lucky dog spot. Jr got a run and moved  down low to pass Brian Vickers , Vickers moved down to block, and Jr., coming back up high clipped Vickers sending right back into the middle of the pack taking out perhaps the strongest car of the day Kyle Busch along with a host of other contenders. Dale Did not receive a rough driving penalty and kept his positioning. Dale later went on to get his lap back. Jr had a good car up until a couple of pit stop errors caused him to lose spots and eventually go a lap down.. Putting myself in Dale's shoes i'm thinking he is under a ton of pressure to succeed this season, much more then last season. Not only that he's carrying The Earnhardt name which brings added pressure. Much more then the average driver.  These 3 incidents with Dale today tells me that Dale may be cracking under this pressure. In fact in his rain delay interview he eluded to this saying, "under this pressure my head wasn't  right". He then apologized to all the drivers affected, except Vickers. At Daytona it doesn't matter how fast you are, it doesn't matter how good a driver you are, it doesn't matter how many laps you lead....Luck decides this race therefore anyone can win this race...  Nascar  should make the plate races money races only, no points.  because there are just to many circumstances beyond your control. I know they will never do it but i'm tired of seeing  a driver's success or failure determined by a stupid mistake someone else makes.....Today Kyle Busch was the victim, and Matt Kenseth was the beneficiary Winner, Thank God California is next week....

Congrats to Matt Kenseth.