Super 14 Opening Round was Rubbish

Dumont WalkerSenior Analyst IFebruary 15, 2009

It's the weekend and that means it is time to invite back our goof friends from Heaven's Game. That's right the rugby boys are back in the house. And as we enter the spring here in the Northern Hemisphere there is plenty of high quality rugby being played around the globe, and Walker-Sports along with the efforts of Heaven's Game got you covered.

So this weekend we have seen the 6 Nations march on and the start of the sUpposed "Best competition in the world" in the Super 14.

All I can say is that The Super 14 better start improving by the time round two is completed or they will struggle to get 50 people to a match. With the exception of The Sharks and Stormers match and parts of The Waratahs performance the rest of the first round was rubbish.

There were blokes playing like they had not been introduced to the rest of the team. Teams playing as if they had never played a game of rugby before.

Commercially it appeared to be a disaster of a round too, Wellington, Dunedin, Perth all had the half full signs up. Why? Perhaps it is because people don't want to see pretend rugby.

Love it or loath it the rugby in Europe sells tickets, week in week out.

Perhaps the powers that be in Super rugby need to look at the European Cup format and drag in a few teams to make the competition less stale. Anything has to be better than what was served up this weekend in super rugby.